• Obituaries: Grover Talbert, Dan McClinton

    Deaths: Grover Talbert, 82, June 10 in Huntsville and Dan McClinton, 70, Aug. 21 in Waxahachie.

  • Obituary: Jack Whetsel

    Jack Whetsel, 94,  former mayor of McAllen and a donor to Baylor University, died July 29 in Austin.

  • Obituary: Alvin Howell

    Retired pastor Alvin Howell, 77, died June 30 in Fort Worth.

  • Obituaries: Mack Cole, David Kuykendall

    Obituaries include Mack Cole, 88, July 17 in Fort Worth and David Kuykendall, 84, July 17 in Dallas.

  • Obituaries: Darling, Shotts, Grantham, White

    Obituaries include Dave Darling, Billie Shotts, Sara Beth Grantham and Gene White.

  • Obituary: Nina Hopkins

    Nina Hopkins, 99, died June 30 in Longview.

  • Obituaries: Wynne, Getterman

    Howard Wynne, 91, pastor emeritus of Woodridge Baptist Church in Kingwood, died June 29 in Kingwood. Former Waco mayor and philanthropist Ted Getterman, 89, died July 1 in Waco.

  • Obituaries: Yandall Woodfin III, John Taylor

    Yandall Woodfin III died May 28 in Fort Worth and John Taylor Jr., 83, died June 15 in Hallsville.

  • 2nd Opinion: Obituary for Glorieta, 1952-2013

    Glorieta Baptist Conference Center, which was created in August 1952, was disposed of Sept. 3, 2013.

  • Obituaries: Golda Martin, Connie Cumming

    Golda Martin, whose husband Larry is pastor of Cadiz Baptist Church in George West, died May 18 in Sandia.  Connie Cummings, whose husband Eddie was pastor to churches in Texas and Florida more than 50 years, died May 22 in Waco.

  • Obituaries: Doyle Holmes, David Fortenbury

    Deaths: Doyle Holmes, 89, May 6 in Lubbock and David Fortenbury, 64, May 11 in DeSoto.

  • Obituary: Darrell Tapley

    Darrell Tapley, 86, a longtim pastor in Texas and New Mexico, died April 24 in Coleman.