• Obituaries: Terry Martinaz, Ben Loring Jr.

    Deaths: Terry Martinaz, 66, Nov. 16 in The Woodlands. Ben Loring Jr., 67, Nov. 16 in Saline, Mich., from complications of frontal lobe dementia.

  • Obituary: Bob Lawrence

    Bob Lawrence, 92, died Sept. 8 in Amarillo. He was a long-time  minister of music and leader of Baptist state convention music departments.

  • Obituaries: Bryan, Minami, Huff

    Deaths: Katharine Bryan, 78, Oct. 26 in Knoxville, Tenn.; Terry Minami, 61, Nov. 9 in Milwaukee, Wisc.; and Taylor Huff, 21, Nov. 10 in Abilene.

  • Obituaries: Mercado, Wade, Price

    Deaths: Gilbert Mercado, Leonard Wade and Charles Price.

  • Obituaries: Sealy Smith

    Sealy Smith, 87, died Oct. 22 in Weatherford.

  • Obituaries: Fletcher, Campbell

    Deaths: Dorothy Fletcher, 80, Oct. 16 in Abilene and Marilyn Campbell, 86, Oct. 21 in Tioga.

  • Obituary: O. O. Ervin

    O.O. Ervin, 89, died Sept. 2 in Lewisville.

  • Obituaries: Doris Kelley, Dorothy Poole

    Deaths: Doris Kelley, 91, Sept. 19 in New Orleans and Dorothy Poole, 89, Oct. 1 in Mansfield. 

  • Obituaries: Gould, Morris, Neely

    Deaths: Loyal Gould, 86, Sept. 8 in Chicago; Joella Morris, 90, Sept. 12 in Houston; and H.K. Neely Jr., 79, Sept. 22 in Waco.

  • Obituaries: Massey, Hooper, Edwards

    Deaths: David Massey, 57, Sept. 16 in Longview, Polly Hooper, 76, Sept. 4 in Dallas and Welby Edwards, 98, Sept. 9 in Tyler.

  • Obituaries: Potter, Pfeil

    Deaths: Ivan Potter, 74, Aug. 29 in Dallas and Earl Pfeil, March 7 in Salt Lake City.

  • Obituary: Johnny Fira

    Death: Johnny Fira, 56, Aug. 7 in Irvine, Calif., after a long battle with heart disease.