• Obituary: Helen Lucille Hoy

    Helen Lucille Hoy of Cedar Park, a lay preschool ministry leader for more than four decades, died Sept. 12. She was 98 years old.

  • Obituary: Raymond Vickrey

    Raymond Vickrey, longtime Texas Baptist pastor, died Sept. 17 of complications from Alzheimer’s Disease. He was 86.

  • Obituary: L.E. “Chief” Lawson

    L.E. “Chief” Lawson of Lucas, Baptist evangelist and denominational leader, died Sept. 16. He was 90.

  • Obituary: Phillip Hassell

    Phillip Hassell, pastor of the historic Independence Baptist Church near Brenham and director of the Texas Baptist Historical Museum, died Sept. 13. He was 64.

  • Obituary: Royce Lee Measures

    Royce Lee Measures, a Texas Baptist pastor and chaplain emeritus of the Pasadena Police Department, died July 29 of COVID-19. He was 85.

  • Obituary: Tony Maalouf

    Tony Maalouf, Baptist seminary professor and founding CEO of Magi Ministries International, died Aug. 26. He was 65.

  • Obituary: Julie Choate

    Julie Anna Choate of Hudson Oaks, who grew up as the daughter of a Texas Baptist university president and went on to serve more than 29 years as an educator herself, died Aug. 15 due to a pulmonary embolism. She was 50.

  • Obituary: Jean Dixon

    Jean Carol Barger Dixon, Bible teacher and partner in ministry to her husband, died Aug. 8. She was 92.

  • Obituary: Harley Redin

    Harley Redin, former coach of the Wayland Baptist Flying Queens, died Aug. 1 in Plainview. He was 100 years old.

  • Obituary: Mable Consuelo Solis

    Mable Consuelo Solis of Hewitt, longtime pastor’s wife, died July 6. She was 89.

  • Obituary: Adela Galvan Enrriques

    Adela Galvan Enrriques of Robstown, veteran leader in Union Femenil Misionera and Woman’s Missionary Union of Texas, died July 6. She was 81.

  • Obituary: William E. “Bill” Thorn

    William E. “Bill” Thorn, former Texas Baptist pastor and university president, died June 22 in San Angelo. He was 97.