• Obituaries: Lawrence Hamilton

    Lawrence Hamilton, 74, died March 11. He was a pastor and former administrator of Tarrant Baptist Encampment.

  • Obituary: Craig Little

    Craig Little, 56, Feb. 17, was killed in an automobile accident in Tyler when a driver that has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol struck his truck from behind while he was delivering newspapers.

  • Obituaries: Ward, Chism

    Deaths: John Ward Jr. and Thomas Chism.

  • Obituaries: Jean Breckenridge

    Deaths: Jean Breckenridge, Jim Gray, Charlotte Wingfield and Cindia Brown

  • Obituaries

    Deaths: Leroy Daniel, Giles Fort Jr., Elizabeth Moore and Charles Brinkley.

  • Obituaries

    Deaths: Joda Hall, Jean Standley, Joe Allbritton, Sherry Easley, Reg Whearley Jr., James Lafferty, Justice Anderson, Mike Toby and Scotty Holland.