• Obituary: Billy Wallace Tinker

    Billy Wallace Tinker, longtime member of First Baptist Church in Richardson, died Feb. 1. He was 84.

  • Obituary: Bracy Alvus Bledsoe

    Bracy Alvus Bledsoe of Brenham, a longtime Texas Baptist pastor, died Jan. 6. He was 100 years old.

  • Obituary: Dale Gore

    Dale Lee Gore of Grand Prairie, former pastor and associational director of missions, died Jan. 18. He was 83.

  • Obituary: Roy Guy “Dick” Camp 

    Roy Guy “Dick” Camp, longtime Texas Baptist pastor and associational director of missions, died Nov. 23. He was 96.

  • Obituary: Robert Joe “Bob” Potts

    Robert Joe “Bob” Potts, retired Texas Baptist pastor and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship missionary, died Dec. 24 in San Antonio. He was 84.

  • Obituary: Jeannette Clift George

    Jeannette Clift George, a Golden Globe-nominated actress and founder of the Christian-based A.D. Players Theater Company in Houston, died Dec. 23. She was 92.

  • Obituary: David M. Smith

    David M. Smith, Baptist layman and philanthropist, died Nov. 19 in Houston. He was 85.

  • Obituary: Billy Ray Anderson

    Billy Ray Anderson, former U.S. Army Reserve chaplain and pastor, died Oct. 29 in Longview. He was 83.

  • Obituary: Bill E. Roe

    Bill E. Roe of Cleburne, retired Texas Baptist pastor and associational director of missions, died Oct. 4. He was 86.

  • Obituary: John D. Bloskas

    John D. Bloskas, who served retired ministers through his work with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Annuity Board, died Sept. 25 in Carrollton. He was 89.

  • Obituaries: Roger W. Hall and Robert Perry Kite

    Roger Warren Hall, former treasurer and chief financial officer for the Baptist General Convention of Texas, died Sept. 23 in Enterprise, Ala. He was 73. Robert Perry Kite, a deacon emeritus at South Garland Baptist Church in Garland, died Sept. 22. He was 91.

  • Obituaries: Uldine Bisagno and Jo Beth Landrum Young

    The first ladies of two Houston churches—Uldine Bisagno, whose husband was pastor of First Baptist Church, and Jo Beth Landrum Young, whose husband is pastor of Second Baptist Church—died within a week of each other.