• Obituary: Jerry Bob Taylor

    Jerry Bob Taylor of Brownwood, former Baptist encampment manager and Texas Baptist Men leader, died July 15. He was 84.

  • Obituary: Jo Ann Tackitt Maddox Graves

    Jo Ann Tackitt Maddox Graves, longtime pastor’s wife, died April 9 in Waco. She was 86.

  • Obituary: Thomas Edward Ratcliff

    Thomas Edward Ratcliff, former Texas Baptist pastor and missionary, died June 4 in Shreveport, La. He was 86.

  • Obituary: James Dwayne Martin

    James Dwayne Martin, former Baptist pastor, denominational worker and church fund-raiser, died May 19 in Pittsburg. He was 75.

  • Obituary: Mary Annette Hall

    Mary Annette Hall of Longview, a church organist for nearly 60 years, died Oct. 9.

  • Obituary: Virginia Connally

    Virginia Connally, Baptist philanthropist and the first female physician in Abilene, died March 31. She was 106.

  • Obituary: Tommy Billings

    Gerald Thomas “Tommy” Billings of Duncan, Okla., former pastor and associational director of missions, died Feb. 26. He was 75.

  • Obituary: Al Pessarra

    Albert Edward Pessarra of Houston, longtime minister of activities and director of recreation in Baptist churches, died Oct. 31. He was 84.

  • Obituary: Ruth Menchaca Sanchez

    Ruth Menchaca Sanchez, wife of a Texas Baptist pastor and leader among Hispanic Texas Baptists, died Feb. 18 in Dallas. She was 81.

  • Obituary: Philip Wright Sherrod

    Philip Wright Sherrod of Waco, a longtime Texas Baptist minister of music, died Feb. 13. He was 83. 

  • Obituary: John Earl Seelig

    John Earl Seelig, who served three decades as vice president for public affairs at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, died on Jan. 17. He was 94. 

  • Obituary: John G. Conley

    Jack G. Conley, retired pastor and missionary, died Jan. 27 in Tyler. He was 90.