• Obituary: David Blanton

    David Arlen Blanton, longtime minister of music, died March 21. He was 83.

  • Obituary: Mark Chew

    Mark Rogers Chew, pastor of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Denton five decades, died April 6. He was 76.

  • Obituary: Charlie Elliott

    Charles Edwin “Charlie” Elliott of Brady, former youth minister at First Baptist Church in Midland, died Jan. 19. He was 77

  • Obituary: David Shuttlesworth

    David Shuttlesworth of Waco, longtime Texas Baptist minister, died April 20. He was 82.

  • Obituary: Barbara Gage

    Barbara Gage, a wife and mother to evangelists and partner in their ministries, died April 10 in Houston. She was 82.

  • Obituary: Betty Ross Priesler Kelley

    Betty Ross Priesler Kelley of Wharton, who served Texas Baptists in a variety of volunteer capacities, died March 3. She was 86.

  • Obituary: Ted Cromer

    Ted Cromer, retired Baptist missionary and minister, died March 1 in Murfreesboro, Tenn. He was 93.

  • Obituary: Dick Moody

    Richard “Dick” Moody, retired minister and artist, died Feb. 27 in Southlake. He was 87.

  • Obituary: Ray Rust

    Ray P. Rust, former Baptist college president and denominational executive, died Feb. 2 in Richardson. He was 92.

  • Obituary: Bennie Joe Camp

    Bennie Joe Camp, a deacon and longtime Bible study teacher at First Baptist Church in Bryan, died Feb. 19 in College Station. He was 90.

  • Obituary: Joe Neil Smith

    Joe Neil Smith of McKinney, retired Texas Baptist bivocational pastor, died Feb. 15. He was 80.

  • Obituary: Ron Ellison

    Ron Ellison, a Texas Baptist historian, died Feb. 9 in Vidor after a lengthy illness. He was 85.