• Obituary: Philip Wright Sherrod

    Philip Wright Sherrod of Waco, a longtime Texas Baptist minister of music, died Feb. 13. He was 83. 

  • Obituary: John Earl Seelig

    John Earl Seelig, who served three decades as vice president for public affairs at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, died on Jan. 17. He was 94. 

  • Obituary: John G. Conley

    Jack G. Conley, retired pastor and missionary, died Jan. 27 in Tyler. He was 90.

  • Obituary: Herschel V. Forester

    Herschel Vincent Forester, former professional football player and Baptist layman who supported numerous Christian causes, died Dec. 31 in Dallas. He was 87.

  • Obituary: Robert G. Packard

    Robert G. Packard, longtime professor of physics at Baylor University who was dubbed “Waco’s Mr. Wizard” by one newspaper, died Jan. 5 in Waco. He was 94.

  • Obituary: William B. Tolar

    William B. Tolar of Fort Worth, longtime professor of biblical backgrounds and archaeology, died Dec. 29. He was 90.

  • Obituary: Louise Herrington Ornelas

    Louise Herrington Ornelas, major benefactor to the nursing school at Baylor University that bears her name, died Dec. 18 in Tyler. She was 93.

  • Obituary: David D. Muñoz

    David D. Muñoz, longtime Texas Baptist pastor, died Nov. 28 in San Antonio after a battle with cancer. He was 76.

  • Obituary: Rita Purdy

    Rita Purdy of Woodway, professor emerita of family and consumer sciences at Baylor University, died Nov. 24. She was 77.

  • Obituary: Robert G. Collmer

    Robert G. Collmer of Waco, a missionary kid who became distinguished professor emeritus of English at Baylor University, died Nov. 21. He was 91.

  • Obituary: Joe Gerault

    Joe Gerault, who served more than 18 years in a variety of ministerial roles at Calvary Baptist Church in McAllen, died Nov. 5 after a lengthy battle with Ataxia. He was 63.

  • Obituary: Kurt Kaiser

    Kurt Kaiser of Waco, Christian composer and pianist, died Nov. 12 after a lengthy illness. He was 83.