Burnet pastor inspires audiences through song and spoken word

In performances ranging from coffee shops and concert venues to church sanctuaries, Matthew Butter goal remains the same—to point people where they can find the truth. (Photos courtesy of Matthew Butter)

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BURNET—As a songwriter, singer and pastor, Matthew Butter realizes the importance of crafting songs with rich theological truths to connect future generations with the gospel message.

In performances ranging from coffee shops to concert venues, his goal remains the same—to point people where they can find the truth.

‘Called to share my stories’

While keeping a busy schedule and sharing the gospel in a variety of settings, Butter is able to reach people with messages of Christ’s love and forgiveness in unexpected ways.

Matthew Butter performs at a variety of ministry events and also secular venues, in hopes of reaching more people with the gospel message. (Photos courtesy of Matthew Butter)

“I have always felt called to share my stories with others to inspire, encourage and motivate people to a closer relationship with God and the people they encounter through their lives,” said Butter, pastor of Hoover Valley Baptist Church in Burnet.

One of his most meaningful experiences occurred while performing at a secular venue, when God presented him with an opportunity to bring hope and healing to a family in need.

“One evening, I was playing at a venue in Wimberley and met this young boy who was 10 years old and had just found out he lost his uncle to cancer,” Butter recalled.

“I was able to comfort him and encouraged him to remember the good times they had together. … I was able to minister to his family in a place that was not a church, camp or retreat center. It was a live music venue/restaurant, but God showed up and spoke through me that night, and it was a special night to remember.”

Grew up in church

Growing up, Butter witnessed firsthand the importance and influence of ministering within the local community. His father served as a youth minister for 10 years and now serves as the pastor of Crosspoint Fellowship in Pleasanton.

“We were literally at church every time the doors were open because we had the keys,” Butter said.

“My mom grew up singing in family bands all over Texas and playing country music in restaurants and clubs. When my parents were led to the ministry, my mom started leading worship for our youth group on Wednesday nights.”

Butter played tenor saxophone seven years in a school band, and his mother taught him to play guitars. He also sang in the church choir and performed in musicals.

“In junior high, I started writing poetry and really enjoyed words and how to make a story come together or evoke an emotion in meter and rhyme,” he said. “When I started playing guitar, I put those lyrics to melodies and started writing songs, performing in churches, camps, retreats and leading worship for our youth group and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes where I was a member and later became the president of our local chapter.

“When I went to Baylor University, I continued leading worship during FCA meetings, as well the college praise team at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church and eventually the youth ministry program at Baylor.”

After attending Baylor University and receiving his undergraduate degree from Tarleton State University, Butter went on to pursue his master’s degree from Truett Theological Seminary, which deepened his desire to encourage and equip others with strong, biblical truths through spoken word and songs.

‘People are really what it’s all about’

With a desire to reach audiences with the message behind the music, Butter is raising funds in hopes of recording his first full-length album and also looking for innovative platforms to combine the unique gifts he believes God has given him through music, preaching, teaching and writing.

Wherever the journey takes him, Butter looks forward to seeing how God will open doors and bring people into his path with the purpose of sharing the gospel message.

“I love sharing music that entertains, inspires and comforts people,” Butter said. “People are really what it is all about—meeting them, listening to them, hearing their stories—along with sharing my faith through song and spoken word. God has been teaching me to trust in him and not seek my own way around things to shortcut his plan.”

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