Cowboy church roundup hears testimony of answered prayer

  |  Source: Texas Baptist Communications

Worshippers join in singing at a cowboy church roundup held at Top Hand Cowboy Church in Valley Mills prior to Texas Baptists' annual meeting. (BGCT Newsroom Photo)

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WACO—God hears and answers the prayers of his people, a western-heritage church pastor told a crowd at a cowboy church roundup prior to the Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting.

Pastor Glen Null of Stagecoach Cowboy Church in Ellis County offered a personal testimony at the roundup, held at Top Hand Cowboy Church in Valley Mills.

“I hope that tonight you leave encouraged. God has never left you,” Null insisted. “You may feel like you’re tired or that he’s not hearing you, but he’s hearing and he’s answering prayers.”

Null experienced the reality of God firsthand in January 2016, when he suffered a traumatic accident. After he fell off his horse while roping, his friends rushed over to him and quickly noticed he was unconscious. Panicked, they called for help and began performing CPR.

After paramedics arrived at the scene, they rushed Null to the hospital where he was without a pulse 55 minutes. After fervently working, the doctors were able to restore his pulse, and Null underwent extensive testing and observations. The doctors discovered he had a broken neck, severe lacerations to his liver and spleen, and no brain activity.

Just paces away in the waiting room, dozens of family members and friends from his church were ready to battle in prayer for Null, and they did all night. They prayed specifically for miraculous healing.

The next day, the doctors came in with the astounding news that Null’s neck had been completely healed. They were dumbfounded and nothing short of amazed.

However, three days after the accident, Null still remained without brain activity. The doctors were preparing to give Null one last chance to respond. The doctor said to Null’s wife, “Right now would be a good time to continue that praying you’ve been doing all week.”

So, the prayer warriors in the waiting room continued to do just that.

Moments later, the doctor rushed back in to tell the family members Null had shown signs of brain activity. Again, the doctors were astounded. In the following days, Null regained consciousness.

“Two of my doctors were not believers. But as they saw everything unfold before their eyes, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing,” Null said. “One of those doctors wrote in his medical records that my family’s faith and prayers are what healed me.”

Null experienced no major complications from the accident. Other than minor memory troubles, he is a healed and healthy man who boldly proclaimed to the roundup, “God is good.”

He closed by reading Psalm 77:14—“You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the people.”

“That’s what he was doing—showing his power among the people,” Null said. “It was a testament to my church that prayer is powerful and important in their lives.

“There is nothing too big for our God. There is nothing we can ask for that he can’t provide. So, don’t be scared to pray big.”


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