Family completed through foster-to-adopt program

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SAN ANTONIO—Timothy and Karen LeRoy of San Antonio realized fairly quickly after having difficulty getting pregnant that God was leading them away from infertility treatments and instead toward adoption.

And the LeRoys’ long journey to parenthood ended in an adoption finalized this month.

The LeRoys began the adoption process by researching agencies throughout the United States and considering international adoption. Finally, they settled on Baptist Child & Family Services’ foster-to-adopt program.

“We found that what other agencies offered was a very extensive process with no guarantees,” Timothy LeRoy said. “It felt like writing a blank check until we found BCFS. We ultimately decided we could spend a lot of money for a child we hand-picked, or let God choose for us.”

The LeRoys celebrated officially becoming a family on Dec. 5. Smiles were contagious during the adoption proceedings.

The couple began their training through BCFS in May 2007, and the LeRoys officially were licensed to be foster parents two months later. Then, they waited.

“We looked at it as our ‘pregnancy period’ giving us time to prepare to accept a child into our home,” Karen LeRoy said.

As a biracial couple, the LeRoys originally requested a biracial foster child, since they knew they were traditionally difficult to place. Their emotions were on a roller coaster when they almost received biracial twin girls and then lost them.

The couple finally received a call exactly one year before their adoption would be finalized. They were told about a 2-day-old African-American girl, whom they would later name Sydney. Although they only planned to foster one child, a week later, they received another call requesting they open their hearts and home to Sydney’s 14-month-old brother as well.

“It was a little rocky in the beginning because we were only prepared for one, but it just goes to show be careful what you wish for,” LeRoy said. “We wished for one baby, and the Lord blessed us not only with Sydney, but with a son who we later named Marcus.”

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While the LeRoys recognize the joys of having biological children, they can’t deny the clear call on their lives and the lives of Christians to adopt.

“There are so many children already in the world; if Christians stepped up, we could solve the orphan problem overnight,” LeRoy said. “Fostering to adopt is a very affordable, excellent way to help a child in need.”

“Everywhere we go, people ask us about our story and express interest in adoption. We just want to motivate others with our experience,” Mrs. LeRoy added. “We want to remind people that God always provides the resources needed to follow him.”


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