Search committee seeks nominations for next Baptist Standard editor

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The editor search committee named by the Baptist Standard Publishing board of directors is seeking nominations for a successor to Marv Knox, who ends his time with the news organization July 31.

The committee, chaired by Jay Abernathy, associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Lubbock, will receive resumes and recommendations until Sept. 1.

Any person making a nomination should include a cover letter and a resume that includes the nominee’s personal information, educational background, career accomplishments and employment history, along with a list of references, to

As chief executive officer of Baptist Standard Publishing, an independent not-for-profit news organization, the editor’s duties include:

  • Vision casting and strategic planning.
  • Collaborating with the board to develop strategies and action plans to fulfill the organization’s mission.
  • Overseeing daily and weekly operations, including writing editorials and editing other articles.
  • Monitoring journalism, finances, marketing and development.
  • Maintaining strong staff cohesion, commitment and morale.
  • Interpreting the organization’s mission within the context of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the larger Baptist denomination.

“There is no one thing in denominational life that calls for a wider application of common sense than the management of a denominational paper,” Abernathy said, quoting J.B. Gambrell, the early 20th century Baptist Standard editor.

Nominees should have earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and focused studies in journalism, theology and education are preferred.

“We desire candidates with experience in Baptist life,” Abernathy said. “This includes, but is not limited to, giving pastoral leadership to congregations and directing nonprofits or other organizations instrumental to the mission of Baptists.”

Serving with Abernathy on the search committee are board members Jon Mark Beilue of Amarillo, Terry Martinez of San Antonio, Sonya Stevenson of Sugar Land and Meredith Stone of Abilene. Former board member Kurt Knapton of Arlington will serve as a nonvoting member of the committee and liaison to donors. Taylor Sandlin, pastor of Sugar Land Baptist Church, chairs the Baptist Standard Publishing board of directors.

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