TBM disaster relief workers top 700 volunteer days in East Texas

Texas Baptist Men disaster relief volunteers removed flood-damaged debris from a home in San Marcos last year. Currently, TBM mud-out crews are working in East Texas to remove damaged drywall and flooring before power-washing and disinfecting affected areas. (File Photo / Ken Camp)

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ORANGE—Texas Baptist Men disaster relief workers have donated 700-plus volunteer days to meet widespread needs in flooded parts of East Texas. And with more than 280 work requests left to complete, they see no immediate end in sight.

A TBM incident management team in Orange County coordinated work in the Golden Triangle area, where volunteers have prepared more than 2,200 meals and distributed more than 5,200 boxes residents used to collect their scattered possessions.

Three mud-out crews in Orange County worked to tear out damaged drywall and remove debris from homes before power-washing and disinfecting affected areas.

TBM made available two laundry and shower units in the area, providing access to more than 150 showers and washing 70 loads of laundry.

Another shower and laundry unit operated in Bon Weir, a Newton County community about 50 miles north of Orange, where TBM volunteers washed more than 400 loads of laundry and provided access to at least 160 showers. Three mud-out teams also worked on homes in Newton County.

More than 150 miles north in the area around Caddo Lake, a mud-out crew from Utah joined one Texas-based mud-out team, and two additional TBM mud-out units will deploy soon. A laundry and shower unit also operated in the Caddo Lake area, along with a feeding team that prepared 160 meals.

TBM volunteers based in Kilgore completed their work about 50 miles southwest of Caddo Lake after preparing 165 meals, washing 80 loads of laundry, providing access to 32 showers and tearing damaged drywall from a dozen homes.

In addition to dealing with floods, TBM disaster relief workers also responded in the wake of a tornado in the Malakoff area, completing a dozen chainsaw and debris-removal jobs and logging 17 hours operating heavy equipment.

Working in five widely scattered parts of East Texas, TBM disaster relief workers have recorded more than 500 ministry contacts, gave away 17 Bibles and seven tracts, and presented the Christian plan of salvation to at least a half-dozen people.

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