Young leader answers God’s call at RA camp

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Savion Lee, a recent graduate of Rice University, initially felt God's call to vocational Christian service when he was a boy at a Royal Ambassador camp. God confirmed that calling when he was serving as an RA state staffer at a camp. (TBM Photo)

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Sometimes God calls in a quiet voice. Other times, it practically knocks a person over, as Savion Lee discovered.

Hustling during a Royal Ambassadors summer camp where he served as a state staffer, God’s call to vocational ministry was so profound he had to sit down on a log. There, he reflected upon all the people God had brought into his life that led to that moment of confirmation.

Lee was raised by his mother and mentored by his grandfather, but had no strong male evangelical Christian figure in his life. That changed when he became involved in the Royal Ambassadors missions program for boys at Faith Baptist Church in Wichita Falls. Each week, men instilled godly values in him and gave him the tools that would guide him the rest of his life.

“When I got involved in Royal Ambassadors, I found other men who were willing to be that godly role model for me. They led me to a path of righteousness,” Lee said.

“I found a group of guys who are unashamedly called to serve God and lead their sons. They indirectly adopted me as one of their own.”

Former RA became a leader

Savion Lee, a recent Rice University graduate who grew up in First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls, credits Royal Ambassadors with opening his heart and mind to God’s calling on his life. (TBM Photo)

The results of the weekly discipleship and missions education efforts began to reveal themselves more the older Lee became. Decisions became tougher through high school and into college, but Lee relied on his strong faith foundation to navigate them. He matured into his faith and became a leader.

He initially sensed God’s call during an RA camp.

“At one of the campfire gatherings, I shared that I felt like God is calling me to full time ministry,” he said.

Gradually, that sense of calling Lee felt as a boy in RAs grew, and it was confirmed during his time as an RA summer camp state staffer. In the four years he served in that role, Lee invested in the next generation of young men, helping lay the spiritual groundwork that has been so crucial to him.

“Savion served as an intern this summer with TBM and did a great job,” said Keith Mack, TBM state director of Royal Ambassadors. “It was great getting to watch Savion share his knowledge and passion for working at camps with the state staffers this summer and also encourage them to do their best as an ambassador for Christ.”

Lee recently graduated from Rice University and is serving as an intern at a campus ministry that shares the gospel and makes disciples. After that, he looks forward to following wherever God leads, knowing he’ll take all he learned through RAs with him.

“I praise God that there are men out there who recognize the importance of God in the lives of young men and boys,” he said.

EDITOR’S NOTE: After the article originally was posted,  the third paragraph was edited to correct a church name.

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