Bill Thorn: Paint a picture with words

The secret to being humorous is same as most things in life, Bill Thorn believes—take what God has entrusted to you, work hard to polish it and be the individual you were created to be.

Ethicist urges Christian universities to stand strong

GusheeChristian universities that maintain a strong faith commitment—while also holding to high academic standards—are swimming against the tide of secularism and performing a public service, ethicist David Gushee told a group at Wayland Baptist University.

Poll finds broad religious support for immigration reform

A new survey finds broad support across party lines and religious groups for comprehensive immigration reform that reflects the rule of law and respects the dignity and wholeness of immigrants and families.

Analysis: Council’s report partial victory for church-state separation

After a year of work by President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, the panel has made its recommendations. According to experts in religious liberty, some of them represent long-sought victories for supporters of strong church-state separation.

Interfaith Alliance urges publishers to ignore Texas teaching standards

A Baptist preacher who leads a national interfaith organization has written leading publishers around the country to urge them to reject changes made to standards for teaching about social studies, history and economics in Texas.

After condemning greed, what should Christians do about the economy?

Ever since the Great Recession began in the fall of 2008, Christians and other faith leaders have criticized the speculative excess and greed that led to the crisis. A consensus on what to do about it, however, has yet to emerge.

Secular Jew writes about two years spent undercover in Falwell's church

Gina Welch, who was raised in a secular Jewish family, decided to undertake an audacious experiment in the fall of 2005. She would go undercover and pretend to be a conservative evangelical. And she would do it in—of all places—Jerry Falwell’s church in Lynchburg, Va.

Single adults an 'army in waiting,' ministry specialist insists

An army of people is waiting to do something great for God—if churches will take the time to notice them, minister to them and empower them to do so, a single-adult ministry specialist said at the Texas Baptist Single Adult Conference at Crestview Baptist Church in Georgetown.

In Ellis County, hope is just a phone call away

Members of 14 churches in Ellis Baptist Association called about 10,000 people to discover needs and offer hope as part of the Texas Hope 2010 emphasis.

BGCT asks church to clarify its position on homosexual behavior

Baptist General Convention of Texas leaders have announced they will escrow any money received from a North Dallas church until it clarifies its position on homosexual behavior.

Georgia Baptists target second church with woman pastor

For the second straight year, the Georgia Baptist Convention is poised to cut ties with a church over the issue of women in ministry.

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