What if Jesus walked on the waters of Lake Wobegon?

For the past two years, Lipscomb religion professor Lee Camp has been hosting Tokens, Nashville’s “new, old-time radio show,” which offers a mix of theology, A-list local musicians, and a hearty helping of Southern-flavored satire.



As controversy lingers, Shroud of Turin still draws a crowd

The Shroud of Turin, long venerated as the actual burial cloth of Jesus, is being exhibited in the Duomo Di San Giovanni Battista in Turin, Italy, for six weeks ending May 23.

Church-state separationists relieved, displeased by desert-cross decision

A divided Supreme Court rendered a complex decision April 28 on the fate of a lonely cross in the California desert. The decision -- the first major church-state case of Chief Justice John Roberts’ tenure -- upset religious-freedom advocates but heartened religious conservatives.

Book urges Christians to go green for God

Jonathan Merritt says he was both disappointed and pleasantly surprised by the response he received after organizing several hundred Southern Baptists in 2008 to issue a statement identifying the environment and climate change as moral issues.

Southern Baptist jailed in Haiti to stand trial on reduced charge

Southern Baptist mission volunteer Laura Silsby will stand trial in Haiti on a charge of arranging irregular travel, CNN reported April 26.

Faith leaders protest Arizona's anti-immigration law

Religious events across the country are being planned this weekend to protest Arizona's new law giving police more power to crack down on illegal immigration. Critics said the bill encourages racial profiling and illustrates the need for comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level.

Contraception, abstinence not contradictory, Baylor researcher says

Teaching young people the importance of sexual abstinence outside of marriage and sharing information about contraception need not be seen as contradictory messages, a Baylor University researcher has concluded.

Most 'Millennials' don't pray, read Bible or attend church

Two thirds of Americans born between 1980 and 1991 identify themselves as Christians, but most do not regularly pray, read the Bible or attend church, according to findings of a new LifeWay Research study.

Faith Digest

Muslims in England are demanding the British army apologize for using apparent replicas of mosques for target practice on a firing range.

On the Move

Pete Cancino to Primera Iglesia in Mathis as interim pastor.

Obama administration to appeal ruling against National Day of Prayer

The U.S. Justice Department announced April 22 it would appeal a federal court ruling that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional.

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