Christians challenged to engage post-Christian generation in dialogue

Rico Tice, a rector of All Saints Church in London and author of Christianity Explored, told participants at the Radical Engage conference that Christians do not evangelize because they do not understand the full gospel—who Jesus is, why he came and the life to which he calls his followers.

Forgive us our trespasses

Some theologians suggest many Christians struggle with forgiveness and reconciliation in interpersonal relations because they fail to grasp exactly what those concepts mean.

Ministry helps wounded pastors stay in the pulpit

The 2008 murder of 35-year-old Mashonda Griffin in her home was a blow to her fellow church members—especially when they learned one of the people charged in her death was a former parishioner whom Griffin had helped in the past.

Is forgiveness always appropriate for Christians? Yes, but...

Should Christians always forgive, regardless of circumstances? Is granting forgiveness always appropriate? “Yes, but …,” four Christians who deal with the concept in different contexts responded.

Valentine’s Day set as day of prayer for student missions

Go Now MissionsMore than 200 college students from around Texas will gather at First Baptist Church in Midlothian Feb. 12-14 for Go Now Missions Discovery Weekend, a time for students to worship, learn about God’s heart for the nations, minister to the local community and seek God’s guidance about serving in summer or semester missions this year.

Lots of smoke but no fire at Grapevine church

Smoke from a malfunctioning heater caused firefighters to rush to First Baptist Church in Grapevine Jan. 25.

Howard Payne students shun showers to boost Haiti relief

Two freshmen coeds at Howard Payne University did not shower for six days in mid-January—not because they were too busy or too lazy, but to raise money for a relief effort for Haiti.

Swiss aren’t only ones who resist mosque construction

When Switzerland recently voted to ban construction of minaret towers at mosques, some observers interpreted it as an expression of European xenophobia that never would find a home in multicultural America. But to say it couldn’t happen here would be wrong—or at least premature.

Analysis: Payday lenders profit from cycle of debt

The number of payday loans in Texas has exploded. In 2008, payday and auto title loans were available in more than 2,800 locations all around Texas, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s list of registered credit service organizations.

Super Bowl parties OK as long as NFL guidelines followed, experts say

Despite crackdowns from the National Football League in recent years that frightened many church leaders into abandoning watch parties for America’s biggest sporting event, experts say churches are free to host viewings of Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7 as long as they follow a few NFL guidelines.

Nine East Texas church fires look suspicious to investigators

Federal investigators are working with state and local authorities in seeking clues to a string of blazes affecting churches in Smith, Van Zandt and Henderson counties.

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