Musician teaches young girls that modest is hottest

Musician Jaime Jamgochian designed a popular "Modest is Hottest" T-shirt and started a conference that focuses on teaching young girls how to dress in the latest styles while maintaining modesty.

Homeowners weigh morality of walking out on mortgages

Up to 25 million homeowners—about one in four—are “underwater”  on the home mortgage. Those who walk away in a "strategic default" face an array of financial consequences, as well as a moral question-- is it the right thing to do?

Common denominator for new churches: They all need funds

Regardless of the method or process used to start them, all new church plants have one thing in common—the need for money.

Missional, emergent church movements place premium on church starting

The missional church and emergent church movements are sweeping through many aspects of religious life—including church planting. While both most often are tagged as movements, they also function as foundations for birthing new congregations.

How should church starters measure success?

Should the death of a new church be considered a failure? That depends on the definition of success. Estimates of church plant failures range from less than 2 percent to as great as 80 percent, depending upon the study.

Planting churches that take root takes right processes, people

Planting new churches in places where none exists, or reaching specific culture groups, can result in changed lives and the expansion of God’s kingdom. But it takes flexibility to adapt to each new work’s context.

Tons of food go to refugees from border violence

What does 48 tons of food look like? To volunteers and families at the Starr County fairgrounds recently, it looked like 4,000 fewer hungry people.

Pastors more like webslinger than Man of Steel

Pastors are more like Spider-Man than Superman, Kevin Cosby told participants at the 2010 African American Fellowship Conference July 13 in Houston.

Harvest Baptist Association building a total loss after fire

An overnight fire July 11 destroyed Harvest Baptist Association’s mission center.

'Good News Bible' translator Bob Bratcher dies

Robert Bratcher, the New Testament translator for the Good News Bible, died July 10 at the Carol Woods retirement community in Chapel Hill, N.C. He was 90.

Plano pastor to be BGCT first VP nominee

Jerry Carlisle, pastor of First Baptist Church in Plano, will be a candidate for first vice president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas this fall.
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