Robert Handy, Baptist historian, seminary professor, dies

Robert Handy, who studied under legendary Christian scholars like Paul Tillich before becoming a prominent Baptist historian in his own right, died at a retirement community in West Caldwell, N.J., Jan. 8. He was 90.

On the Move

Christy Butler has resigned as children’s minister at First Church in Denton.

Texas Tidbits: Baylor plans Big Idea conference

Baylor University will host the Next Big Idea Conference Feb. 9-11. The conference will explore faith-based community ministries that are fully engaged with local and global concerns.

Scholars disagree on Anabaptist, Baptist connection

While much writing about Baptist history in the 20th century focused on what distinguishes Baptists from other Christians, a group of contemporary scholars believes the Baptist movement now needs to reconnect to its ecumenical roots.

Who founded the Baptist movement– John Smyth or John the Baptist?

Baptists who celebrate the 400th birthday of their denomination in 2009 miss the mark by about 1600 years, Landmark Baptists insist.

Baptists celebrate past with an eye to the future

In 400 years, the Baptist movement has grown to 200,000 churches with more than 50 million members in countries around the world. But the largest Baptist group in the United States—the Southern Baptist Convention—has reported declining membership.

Baptist influence on history of U.S., world a mixed bag, historians say

Baptists’ signal contribution to American and world history and political thought, historians almost unanimously agree, is their uncompromising emphasis on religious liberty.

Historians debate reasons for rise of Landmarkism in 19th century

All Landmark Baptists believe in church succession, at least to some degree, but not every Baptist holding that position is—or was—a Landmarker, according to Alan Lefever, director of the Texas Baptist Historical Collection.

Baptist history a continuing search for the New Testament church

Baylor professor Doug Weaver believes a common thread has run throughout Baptist history—the desire to replicate the New Testament model of the church.

Seminaries, national WMU cut budgets for ‘09

The economic downturn is taking its toll on Southern Baptist entities, with at least two seminaries and national Woman’s Missionary Union cutting their 2009 budgets.

Gaza Baptist church caught in crossfire between Israeli troops, Hamas militants

Fighting between Israeli troops and Hamas militants has damaged a Baptist church in Gaza.

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