Nearly half of Americans admit to anti-Muslim bias

Close to half of Americans admit to harboring prejudice against Muslims and negative feelings about Islam, a new study from the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies shows.

When churches die, can they live again?

Phil Rodgerson, retired from the Virginia Baptist Mission Board, has identified classic options churches often consider when facing their own demise. Unfortunately, 58 percent of the time, the church chooses to remain and do nothing—an approach that almost guarantees an inglorious end.

For churches, how much risk really is too much?

In the wake of the Catholic Church’s clergy sexual abuse crises and several church shooting incidents in recent years, risk has become a hot topic for churches.

For victims of family violence, hope returns when healing begins

Viviana Triana sometimes hears stories of unspeakable suffering in her role as a bilingual counselor at the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims & Children in Waco.

Turnaround churches: Can Baptists learn from Anglicans?

If Christians in the United States think turning around a declining church is difficult, think of trying it in the Church of England, where tradition reaches back hundreds of years and hierarchical structure often hamstrings changes local congregations want to make.

‘A time to be born, a time to die’

Is a church’s death inevitable? Who can give congregations permission to die? Should church members feel guilty for closing their facility’s doors?

Texas Baptists urged to build on Texas Hope 2010 momentum

texas hope 2010As the Texas Hope 2010 effort to share the gospel with every person in the state by Easter Sunday enters its final weeks, Texas Baptists should see April 4 as a stepping stone, not a finish line, speakers told the Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board.

U.S. foreign policy hampered by ignorance about religion, report says

U.S. foreign policy is hampered by a secular bias that causes policy makers to underestimate the role of religion in world affairs, a Midwestern think tank said in a 100-page report released Feb. 23.

Task force calls for more cooperation between SBC entities

A task force studying ways to make the Southern Baptist Convention more effective recommended greater flexibility and cooperation among state and national entities in a progress report to the SBC Executive Committee Feb. 22.

Baptists claim harassment in Uzbekistan

Leaders of the registered Baptist Union of Uzbekistan claim continuing harassment by the country's legal system and a media campaign intended to smear the group as a dangerous cult that targets children for proselytizing.

Two former Baptist youth-group members suspected in church arsons

arson suspectsTwo young men suspected of setting 10 East Texas churches on fire were active in the youth group of a Southern Baptist congregation before drifting away from church after the mother of one of them died three years ago.

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