Music & ministry speak volumes about All-State students’ faith

Members of the Texas Baptist All-State Choir and Band shared their faith through song and deed in East Texas.

Around the State

A free information meeting and workshop will be offered Aug. 21 by Dillon International, an affiliate of Buckner International, for families interested in international adoption.

Baylor Alumni Association loses Web, e-mail, phone links to university

Baylor University graduates who want to reach their alumni association no longer can do it through the school’s phone system, e-mail or website.

National Guard, hospital had prepared for crash, pastor says

Both a National Guard unit that responded at the scene of a July 12 church-bus accident and the hospital where most of the victims were taken had recently received training for situations similar to what actually occurred, according to the congregation's pastor.

On the Move

Vernon Andrews has resigned as pastor of Friendship Church in Beeville.

Southeast Texas church damaged for a third time in four years

Hurricane Rita destroyed Old First Baptist Church’s worship center in 2005, a fire destroyed the  parsonage in 2007, and on July 18, lightening caused a fire that damaged the church again.

Laredo Association starting church in Encinal

Laredo Baptist Association is attempting to start a new church in Encinal, a town where the largest congregation meets once a month and serves 10 people.

Texas Tidbits: Baylor heart patients fare best

A new Medicare analysis reveals Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas has the lowest heart failure readmission rate of any hospital in the nation at 15.9 percent.

Baptist newspaper apologizes for misusing governor's signature

A Baptist newspaper in Oklahoma has apologized for publishing a graphic illustration digitally edited to make it appear a controversial proclamation declaring America a Christian nation was endorsed by the state's Baptist governor.

Youth minister hurt in bus wreck released from hospital

A Baptist church youth minister is recovering at home from injuries he received July 12 when a bus carrying his youth group to a church camp rolled over on a Mississippi interstate injuring 23 passengers, one fatally.

Bible helped set captives free, sheriff says

An Alabama woman used the spine of a Bible to conceal several hacksaw blades that helped her husband and three other inmates escape a maximum-security prison.
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