Baylor grad struggles with answers to big questions about human need

Sarah Bush, minister of congregational development at Fredericksburg (Va.) Baptist Church, wrestles with big questions: Why do homelessness, hunger and poverty persist in the United States?

Economic squeeze produces a new kind of seminarian

When Newton, Mass., artist Paula Rendino needed fresh inspiration, she sought her muse in an unlikely place—seminary.

In Alabama, coach has more Facebook fans than God does

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban may not be bigger than God in Alabama, but he has more fans on Facebook.

Cookies pave way for gospel in Holland

Each Saturday morning, the smell of homemade cookies wafts through the air as members of First Baptist Church in Holland visit homes, offering people a bag of homemade cookies and the gospel presented on a Texas Hope 2010 multimedia compact disc.

Trinity? There’s an app for that.

Nils Smith recognizes he has an unusual title—pastor for college and online community ministry at Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio. But he suspects he may be one of the first of a new breed of ministers.Video Included

Social networking and Christian community

Social networking sites have tremendous potential for Christians as a place where community-building occurs according to ethicist Bill Tillman. At the same time, ill-chosen words can rupture relationships and damage character.

Legal expert says remaining Baptist jailed in Haiti likely to be set free

Unless new charges are filed against her, the last of 10 Southern Baptist mission volunteers jailed in Haiti on suspicion of child kidnapping will have to be released, according to an expert on Haiti's legal system.

Faith-based panel recommendations leave some issues unsolved

Melissa RogersA White House advisory council March 9 submitted 164 pages of recommendations on ways the federal government can partner better with faith-based groups in tackling a host of social problems, from poverty to improving interfaith relations.


Haiti judge frees one Baptist volunteer; leader still jailed

A judge in Haiti freed one of two remaining Baptist volunteers Monday but kept the group's leader in jail pending further investigation.

Dallas church publicly acknowledges welcoming stance toward gays

A North Dallas church has changed its website to identify itself as inclusive of varied sexual orientations—a move that potentially could put the church at odds with the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

Widow shares experience on one-year anniversary of pastor's slaying

March 8, 2009, started out as a fairly normal Sunday for Cindy Winters. Her husband, Fred, got up early to preach the 8:15 a.m. service at First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill. One of their daughters rode with her father because she was working in the nursery that morning. Cindy and their other daughter came later. Then the nightmare began.

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