Event focused on washing cars & cleansing hearts

Many groups use car washes as fund-raisers. But for members of Garland’s Ethiopian Evangelical Baptist Church, their car wash wasn’t about making money. They wanted to help people have clean cars and clean hearts.

Volunteers spread hope and gospel CDs throughout El Paso

Volunteers distributed more than 4,400 Texas Hope multimedia compact disks in El Paso.

Baptist has low expectations for White House faith-based panel

Former Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page said he doesn’t expect much to result from the work of advisers to the White House’s office dealing with faith-based and community groups.

For Galveston church, disaster prompts showers of blessings

After Galveston was pounded by Hurricane Ike, First Baptist Church changed its ministry focus to help it's hurting neighors, helped by churches across the state.

Grace House takes women from prisons to missions

gracehouseGrace House in San Antonio offers women out of prison a chance to break free from their past and transition into society and a relationship with God.


HPU students make impact on community

More than 100 Howard Payne University students participated in Impact Weekend mission activities around Brownwood.

Lake Ivie Baptist Association seeks to distribute 10,000 gospel CDs

Lake Ivie Baptist Association purchased 10,000 multimedia gospel compact discs to help churches move forward with Texas Hope 2010 in a seven-county area.

Baytown-based band stresses care for the poor

By sharing messages of hurting people at their concerts, the Texas-based band Leeland hopes to encourage Christians to engage actively with a world in need.

Lyons loses bid to lead National Baptists again

An Alabama pastor was elected president of the National Baptist Convention, USA, overwhelmingly defeating Henry J. Lyons, the denomination’s former leader who was sent to prison for fraud.

Longview church sets sights on 110 by 2010

At First Baptist Church in Longview, the goal is 110 by 2010—110 people who have come to Christ, been baptized and had their lives changed by the gospel—by Easter 2010.

Wayland leading staff to pray for needy

As part of its participation in Texas Hope 2010, Wayland Baptist University is encouraging all its staff members to work through a 30-day prayer guide that leads people to pray daily for the spiritually lost and physically hungry in Texas.

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