Ecumenical group says stimulus package should include the poor

The nation’s most broadly ecumenical Christian group is urging the new administration of President-elect Obama to include help for the poor in any economic-stimulus package.


Faith leaders urge Obama to ban torture on Inauguration Day

A broad coalition of religious leaders has written a letter asking President-elect Barack Obama to make one of his first acts in office signing an executive order banning torture.

Deadly Zimbabwe cholera outbreak crime against humanity, group says

The cholera outbreak that has killed thousands in Zimbabwe should be considered a crime against humanity and laid at the feet of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, an international doctors’ group said in a new report.


Catholic theologian, neoconservative intellectual Neuhaus dies at 72

Richard John Neuhaus, a former anti-war Lutheran pastor turned Catholic theologian and neoconservative, died Jan. 8 at age 72. Neuhaus tutored President Bush in Catholic social teaching and helped build a coalition of Catholics and evangelicals that many political analysts believe made Bush's election possible.

Baptists, Muslims say dialogue a step in right direction

dialogueSeveral dozen Baptists and Muslims gathered Jan. 9-11 to repair a relationship better known for harsh anti-Islamic rhetoric by high-profile Baptist preachers than by dialogue or cooperation. Stan Hastey, a Baptist member of the task force that planned the event, called it a "seminal but certainly promising" opportunity for improving a Baptist-Muslim dialogue marred by demonization of Islam in the post-9/11 United States.


Around the State: DBU opens new center

Dallas Baptist University will open the Herman and Patsy Smith Center at the school’s Hurst-Colleyville campus Jan. 20.

Baptist Briefs: Former Attorney General Bell dies

Former Attorney General Bell dies. Griffin Bell, U.S. attorney general during President Carter’s administration and a longtime benefactor of Mercer University, died Jan. 5.

Robert Handy, Baptist historian, seminary professor, dies

Robert Handy, who studied under legendary Christian scholars like Paul Tillich before becoming a prominent Baptist historian in his own right, died at a retirement community in West Caldwell, N.J., Jan. 8. He was 90.

On the Move

Christy Butler has resigned as children’s minister at First Church in Denton.

Texas Tidbits: Baylor plans Big Idea conference

Baylor University will host the Next Big Idea Conference Feb. 9-11. The conference will explore faith-based community ministries that are fully engaged with local and global concerns.

Scholars disagree on Anabaptist, Baptist connection

While much writing about Baptist history in the 20th century focused on what distinguishes Baptists from other Christians, a group of contemporary scholars believes the Baptist movement now needs to reconnect to its ecumenical roots.
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