Parents should receive vouchers

The letter this week challenged a recent editorial opposing the current push in the Texas Legislature for educational vouchers.


Editorial: Could Jesus get elected dog-catcher here?

If we’re going to be serious about following Jesus, that means doing everything we can—everything—to care for the weak, the poor, the vulnerable.


Guest editorial: The Cross and the Lynching Tree—a broken gospel

The lynching tree keeps Christ’s cross from becoming “a symbol of abstract, sentimental piety.” But the lynching tree needs the cross, “without which it becomes simply an abomination,” with no sign of hope.

men Bible study

Voices: Honoring diversity, seeking unity

Can the church in this hyper-partisan culture be a community of true diversity—not of socially mandated opinions, not of watered-down beliefs without substance, but an honest-to-God, one-of-a-kind community of unified diversity?

Kyle Streun

Kyle Streun: 'The church is the hope of the world'

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Kyle Streun, pastor of First Baptist Church in Denver City, where he has served for about a year.

Trump Celebrate Freedom

Second Opinion: Trump threatens to change the course of American Christianity

The Trump presidency is only six months old, but it is already beginning to alter long-standing spiritual alignments. It seems as though Christians are not changing Trump, but rather that Trump could be changing Christianity. (Washington Post)

BWIM sixpointfive

Voices: What does 6.5% have to do with your church?

As churches review candidates for pastor and other staff positions, a leader among Baptist women in ministry encourages search committees to consider women and men the same—and differently.

Zambia: God uses willing servants in spite of weakness

Zambia: God uses willing servants in spite of weakness

Student Missions blog: God truly is strong when we are weak. ...  I felt discouraged. But God’s word says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 


President Trump, powerful words, needed discipleship

This week’s letters focused on President Donald Trump and on articles by columnists Jake Raabe and Garrett Vickrey

Texas House

Editorial: Resist Abbott/ Patrick reverse-Robin Hood approach to education

Texas Baptists and other people of faith must remain vigilant to combat a proposal to create a state education voucher system during the special session of the Legislature.

mind machine

Voices: Will we become cyborg Christians?

Are we really moving toward a time when the future of business and daily life consists of the fusion between people and machines?


Voices: Keys to church revitalization, Part III

For most of the seven revitalized churches that were studied, the shift from focusing on a traditional worship style to a contemporary worship style was an important part of their revitalization.

Bryant Lee

Bryant Lee: A heart to plant dozens of neighborhood churches

This week’s profile of Texas Baptist ministers features Bryant Lee, lead pastor of Higher Expectations Church in Humble, which he planted and where he has served 10 years.

Eva Henley

Commentary: Mother—a deacon in heaven

How long, how long will churches contribute to discrimination and violence against women by denying them freedom to fulfill their calling to be deacons, pastors or priests?

Pennsylvania: Bad attitude at a block party

Pennsylvania: God at work, even when we don't see it

Student missions blog: As I looked down at my paint-covered hands, I felt defeated. ... In that moment, I was ready to walk away.

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