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A preacher’s kid describes a hospital miracle

A daughter and granddaughter of Texas Baptist pastors Richard and Bob Ray describes the spring break she spent in a hospital waiting room.

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Heiligman: Let’s pray Jesus' prayer—for unity

Unity of the local church is the chief testimony that will convince the world of the truth of Jesus’ message and mission.

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Heiligman: Connect the dots from faith to relationship, action and fulfillment

If you have ever walked away from church feeling something is lacking, ask yourself, “Is my relationship with God a footnote in the story of my life, or is it the prevailing theme that holds everything else together?”

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“ … go and sin no more”

Whatever Jesus did, we are to do. Time and time again, we are shown how Jesus had compassion for sinners, while making it clear he expected them to live holy lives.

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Fields: Don't be too disappointed in your disappointments

The variety of my disappointments may vary, but the God of my life who gives me purpose even in my disappointments never changes.

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Reeves: Never retire from serving God

When you follow God wholeheartedly, you’ll never retire from serving him.


On fire to save lost souls

Christians need to burn with passion to lead others to salvation and rescue them from hell.

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Reeves: Fast-forwarding and God’s promises

Take the promises of God and allow them to give us confidence as we fast forward into our tomorrow.

Reeves: Losing what we take for granted

Reeves: Losing what we take for granted

Whether it comes to household maintenance, congregational life or relationships, when a person starts to take something for granted, he or she begins to lose it, according to BGCT President Danny Reeves.


Ray: Look ahead to great opportunities in 2017

In 2017, the Bivocational/Small Church Association will seek to support Texas Baptists who have been called to serve on the small-church mission field.

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Reeves: Like children in Christmas anticipation!

Texas Baptists should be as excited about Jesus as the angels were on the night he was born. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

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Heiligman: In Jesus, the awaited Promise arrived

The wait is over! God’s plan to defeat Satan and sin has been executed. The long-awaited promise of blessing has arrived. Jesus has come! He is Immanuel, God with us! Let us therefore celebrate this reality like never before this Christmas season.

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In Touch: Open house, retreat, annual meeting, officers, book, gospel

This week, BGCT Executive Director David Hardage discusses an open house at the convention's Executive Board offices, as well as other events and developments across the state.

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Fields: Obedience equals power

The degree to which we are obedient to the commands of Christ in any situation determines how much supernatural empowerment we receive from the Holy Spirit to be fruitful in that situation.

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Reeves: Introduction, request, challenge

Danny Reeves presents his inaugural column as president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

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