Standard editors

Editorial: I’ll thank God every time I remember you

Marv Knox signs off after almost 19 years as editor of the Baptist Standard.


Editorial: Could Jesus get elected dog-catcher here?

If we’re going to be serious about following Jesus, that means doing everything we can—everything—to care for the weak, the poor, the vulnerable.

Texas House

Editorial: Resist Abbott/ Patrick reverse-Robin Hood approach to education

Texas Baptists and other people of faith must remain vigilant to combat a proposal to create a state education voucher system during the special session of the Legislature.

Trump at rally

Editorial: Instead of ‘Merry Christmas’ in July, how about celebrating Jesus’ birthday his way?

President Trump promised America is “going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again." So, how do you think Jesus would like for us to celebrate his birthday?

flag, hands

Editorial: Now is the time to reclaim ‘patriotism’

We talk about patriotism quite a bit around Independence Day. But what does being a patriot mean for a Christian in 21st century America?

Tim Farron

Editorial: We need people of robust faith in both political parties

If people of faith are shut out of either major political party, then voices for moral principles and transcendent values will be diminished.

Joanna Marv Beach

Editorial: Tracing grace in the contours of my face

A bout with cancer—especially the treatments—took a toll on Editor Marv Knox’s face. And in the scars and contortions, he sees signs of God’s grace.


Editorial: Which influences Christians the most—gospel or culture?

What force exerts the greatest influence on your congregation and the Christians you know? Are they shaped more by the gospel of Jesus Christ or by the culture around them?

Mister Rogers

Editorial: ‘Look for the helpers’; be the helper

Advice Mister Rogers received from his mother many years ago is great advice for those of us living in a terror-traumatized, fractious and greedy world today.

Trump budget

Editorial: Christians, it's time to knit safety nets

President Donald Trump has proposed a budget, and because of the close association between his administration and evangelical Christians, God’s reputation is at stake.

man thinking

Editorial: The tragedy of losing faith late in life

Why do some mature adults walk away from church and, worse, away from faith? And what can be done about it?

Texas Capitol

Editorial: It's official. Texas rejects Jesus' Golden Rule

When it comes to relating to undocumented residents, if Texans refuse to follow the Golden Rule, maybe the courts at least will force us to follow the U.S. Constitution.


Editorial: Trump’s executive order upends ‘religious liberty’

President Trump’s “religious liberty” executive order is horrible for America, for churches and for the gospel.

will campbell

Editorial: Fragmented America needs an infusion of young Will Campbells

In these fractious times, America needs leaders like the late Will Campbell, who fought for civil rights—and ministered to Klan members.

hands rice hunger

Editorial: Christian responsibility and the president's budget

Christians must lend their voices to protect foreign aid—particularly grants that provide food, medicine and education to the world’s poorest, weakest people.

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