Texas Capitol

Editorial: It's official. Texas rejects Jesus' Golden Rule

When it comes to relating to undocumented residents, if Texans refuse to follow the Golden Rule, maybe the courts at least will force us to follow the U.S. Constitution.


Editorial: Trump’s executive order upends ‘religious liberty’

President Trump’s “religious liberty” executive order is horrible for America, for churches and for the gospel.

will campbell

Editorial: Fragmented America needs an infusion of young Will Campbells

In these fractious times, America needs leaders like the late Will Campbell, who fought for civil rights—and ministered to Klan members.

hands rice hunger

Editorial: Christian responsibility and the president's budget

Christians must lend their voices to protect foreign aid—particularly grants that provide food, medicine and education to the world’s poorest, weakest people.

church puzzle

Editorial: Ask yourself, 'How thick is my church?'

Is your church thick or thin? The answer says much about how effectively it embodies the gospel.

crown of thorns

Editorial: At Easter, God calls us to lay down our lives for others

This Holy Week, may we respond with gratitude to Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf—living as Easter people, laying down our lives for others so they will know the blessing of joy on Earth and the promise of eternal life with our Savior.

Tony Romo

Editorial: Winning, losing and playing the game

Society teaches us to measure our effectiveness by the outward appearances of others’ success. But our lives and our churches are better measured by the humble, authentic, faithful way we live and move and have our being.

little big hands

Editorial: Life, death, healing and opportunity; the week we won't forget

A medical procedure, a birth, a death, a calling all occurred in one family during one week. They echo the presence and peace of God.


Editorial: Rx for pain— turn attention to others

A helpful antidote to pain—for individuals as well as congregations—is turning attention toward others and serving them.

Tx congressional districts

Editorial: How can Texas claim to be righteous and embrace injustice?

Baptists—who claim the gospel is good news for all people—must champion fair, representative legislative districts, as well as equal opportunity for all citizens to cast their ballots.

word bubble

Editorial: Lovely words, loving God, loving others

When Christians are among the worst at speaking coarsely—vilifying and demeaning others—no wonder unbelievers and people of other faiths think badly of us, and also of our Savior.


Editorial: When training children, walk the walk

New research shows the most effective way to instill faith in children is to live out the principles of that faith. So, what are you going to do about it?


Editorial: Tell legislators what you think about 'school-choice' vouchers

Baptists, of all people, should care deeply about providing quality education for all Texas children. Supporting “school-choice” vouchers undermines both that venture and Baptist principles.

bgct voting

Editorial: Will the Executive Board follow messengers’ votes and remove churches?

Messengers to the 2016 Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting created two standards for determining if a church is in “harmonious cooperation” with the BGCT. Will the convention’s Executive Board apply both standards?


Editorial: Johnson Amendment repeal would ‘destroy’ church unity

If you think President Trump’s plan to “destroy” the Johnson Amendment sounds good, think again. Religious liberty demands thoughtful separation of church and state, not a quickie marriage of pulpits and politics.

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