editorial civility

Editorial: The Syria debate and a case for humility and civility

What if in America we opened our minds as well as our hearts, relinquishing a tight grip on our arguments in order to learn from each other? We might not agree, but we could appreciate and respect one another.

God's Will-o-meter

Editorial: Tough call discerning God’s will

Is it just me, or is knowing and doing the will of God a lot harder than folks let on?

press freedom

Editorial: Extortion is not Christ-like

I appreciate letters to the editor and constructive criticism. Threats are another thing altogether.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Editorial: King’s dream, our dream, still deferred

Fifty years ago this week, a black pastor from the South stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial and delivered the gold standard of social and political oratory.

Christian Life Commission

Editorial: CLC deserves protection

Texas Baptists should support steps to secure one of our most valuable ministries—the Christian Life Commission.

Pope Francis

Editorial: Too radical for the flock?

Here’s a nomination for the most interesting question of the month: “Is Francis too radical for the flock?”


Editorial: Judgment and empathy

Let’s say it up front: A white person doesn’t know what being black feels like. And a man can’t completely understand a woman.


Editorial: Receiving truth from ‘others’

One of the great challenges of following Jesus involves learning from estranged Christians and—gasp!—unbelievers. Most Christians believe we possess divine truth. So, we’re naturally disinclined to receive truth from “others.”

Texas Baptist Family Gathering

Editorial: Pentecost in San Antonio

For a few days this month, Texas Baptists experienced something like a modern-day Pentecost.

Abortion revisit

Editorial: Revisiting “all those babies”

Last week’s editorial,  “Get ready for all those babies,” created quite a stir. It propelled traffic on our website, prompted pro and con letters to the editor, popped up all over Facebook and packed my email in-box.

Texas Legislature

Editorial: Get ready for all those babies

By the time you read this, the Texas Legislature probably will be close to passing a bill banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy and including provisions that will cause most women’s health clinics that provide abortions to close their doors.

Supreme Court

Editorial: Voting rights decision rains on the Fourth

We are sidling up to a tenuous and tepid Independence Day this year.


Editorial: Breadcrumbs in the bellybutton and other stunts

If Ezra could articulate his thoughts, we could understand why he decided to start sticking breadcrumbs in his belly button and then eating them.


Editorial: The possibility of being wrong

Humility is not earned. It’s bequeathed through mistakes, errors, blunders, gaffes and miscalculations.

Baptists remarry?

Editorial: Baptists won’t remarry, but maybe we can do one thing

“Do you think Baptists ever will get back together again?” a young friend asked over lunch the other day.

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