Texas Legislature

Editorial: Get ready for all those babies

By the time you read this, the Texas Legislature probably will be close to passing a bill banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy and including provisions that will cause most women’s health clinics that provide abortions to close their doors.

Supreme Court

Editorial: Voting rights decision rains on the Fourth

We are sidling up to a tenuous and tepid Independence Day this year.


Editorial: Breadcrumbs in the bellybutton and other stunts

If Ezra could articulate his thoughts, we could understand why he decided to start sticking breadcrumbs in his belly button and then eating them.


Editorial: The possibility of being wrong

Humility is not earned. It’s bequeathed through mistakes, errors, blunders, gaffes and miscalculations.

Baptists remarry?

Editorial: Baptists won’t remarry, but maybe we can do one thing

“Do you think Baptists ever will get back together again?” a young friend asked over lunch the other day.

Boy Scouts

Editorial: Boy Scouts, cultural hegemony & transforming love

If Christians lose a "culture war," they can still demonstrate the transforming love of Jesus.


Editorial: ‘If We Knew Then,’ random elements and faith

Every so often, I play the “If We Knew Then …” Game.


Editorial: Abercrombie, Fitch and who we welcome

Are you cool enough for Abercrombie & Fitch? Chances are, the answer is “No.”

Kountze cheerleaders

Editorial: Cheerleaders win, but what about the cause of Christ?

Kountze’s Scripture-quoting cheerleaders won the latest round in their battle to paint Bible verses on run-through signs at football games.

Overcoming fear

Editorial: Love can overcome fear of ‘the world’

If we love God’s creation—even the people who challenge and contradict and hate us—we can be instruments that drive out fear.

West memorial

Editorial: Despite calamity and chaos, God will deliver good

The Boston Marathon bombing, the West fertilizer-plant explosion and the Washington ricin letters riveted our attention on death and destruction. Preachers rightfully turned to Psalm 46.

Pope Francis

Editorial: The Counter-counter Reformation & an outward-focused church

Pope Francis keeps making 2013 an ever-more-significant date in church history.

Donate Life

Editorial: Love your neighbor; donate your organs

April is Organ Donation Month. Would you join me by registering to donate your organs? It’s one of the best things either of us can do.

Hunger Offering

Editorial: Ants, Texas Baptists, Mother’s Day & world hunger

Individually, ants aren’t so smart. But collectively, they possess enormous intelligence. Could Texas Baptists learn from our insect friends?

Same-sex marriage

Editorial: How evangelical Christians undermined marriage

Evangelical Christians lost the battle for saving “traditional” marriage by forfeiting the moral high ground.

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