EDITORIAL: ‘I am the Lord’s ..., ready to serve’

This Advent and Christmas season, I noticed that none of the gospel writers clearly identifies Mary’s dad, Jesus’ grandfather.

EDITORIAL: Conflicted by commercialization?

I’ve been thinking about how often we feel conflicted about giving gifts at Christmas.

EDITORIAL: Sane future: Go back to the basics

We must go back to the basics and focus our convention on tasks that require broad cooperation andaddress our state’s pressing needs—spiritual lostness and human misery.

EDITORIAL: Hard questions must be answered

Will messengers to the Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting talk about the elephant in McAllen Convention Center this week?

EDITORIAL: A ‘wall’ protects our field of faith

Political debates at water coolers, around lunch tables and in church pews nationwide are focusing on whether “separation of church and state” exists in the Constitution.

EDITORIAL: Learning lessons from right & left

Leave it to a conservative Christian columnist and a liberal Jewish comedian to provide wisdom amidst election-year political upheaval, uncertainty and malaise.

EDITORIAL: Principles color our Baptist mosaic

This fall, a group of historians--The Baptist Classics Seminar-- painted a fascinating, poignant and accurate mosaic of Baptists.

EDITORIAL: Economic woes, ministry challenges

A recent Barna Group survey shows that Americans' top concern is the economy. Texas Baptists got it right with our Texas Hope 2010 emphasis, which combined spreading the gospel with feeding hungry people.

EDITORIAL: An inevitable test of Christian faith

Two of my friends differed in how they faced death. Both taught vital lessons.

EDITORIAL: Toleration: Liberty’s weak protector

America’s longstanding tradition of tolerance served us poorly in this season of religious rancor. Toleration often takes a timid turn when it encounters strong opposition. This summer, we witnessed the weakness of toleration. It was a dispiriting debacle.

EDITORIAL: Hot letters & Baptists’ priesthood

Some Baptists cannot embrace the paradoxes that result from the priesthood of all believers. They focus on the logical fact that opposing views cannot simultaneously be correct. And since they are sure they are correct, they are certain those who disagree with them must be wrong.

EDITORIAL: Time to talk about missions methods

Certainly, Baptists could bankroll many more missionaries if we were so inclined. But we also need to think about how we can make our missions money go further. Is training and maintaining large career forces the best way to accomplish global missions today?

Opinion: Truth and ‘Baptist Holy War’ casualties

“Truth is the first casualty of war,” the old adage proclaims. Consequently, a couple of truth-tellers became early victims of the Baptist Holy War.

EDITORIAL: Place priority on church planting

Quickly: Name the most significant issues that will affect Texas Baptists’ ability to reach our state with the gospel for the duration of this century.

EDITORIAL: Reasons we treasure religious liberty

Even though our culture seems faith-averse, religious expression is more robust in the United States than anywhere else in the West. Even though religious expression is enormously diverse, the practice of faith still is safer here than anywhere in the world.
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