EDITORIAL: Divine surprise: Think outside the crib

Surprise as a metaphor for God’s response to all Earth’s heartache. God sprung a surprise on the whole world that first Christmas.

EDITORIAL: Probability can trump impossibility

Together, we’re taking on Texas Hope 2010, a campaign to (a) share the hope of Christ with all Texans in their own language and context and (b) ensure that no Texan goes to bed hungry. We intend to do this by Easter 2010.

EDITORIAL: Small, quiet, but maybe significant

The 2008 Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting in Fort Worth reminded me of hundreds of Texas towns—small and quiet, but significant just the same.

EDITORIAL: May Americans stand closer together

Thank God, the election is over. Now, I pray the politics of division died Nov. 4, 2008.

EDITORIAL: The new president’s memory list

Congratulations on winning the 2008 election. Although I don’t know your name as I write this letter, please keep at least three things in mind...

EDITORIAL: Take up three election-related tasks

Christian citizens should be ready to cast an informed vote, prepare to forgive and then look forward in hope.

EDITORIAL: Demonstrate love Church2Church

Most of us never will feel a hurricane’s wrath. But all of us can ease the burden of Baptists and their neighbors buffeted badly by Hurricane Ike.

EDITORIAL: Spiritual reasons for our calamity

Financial failure hits us in the pocket book and the pension plan, but the turmoil on Wall Street essentially is a spiritual crisis.

EDITORIAL: Pondering good, evil & hurricanes

With storm after storm pounding the coasts and so much suffering in the world, no wonder people ponder the presence of good and evil.

EDITORIAL: Baylor takes big step toward unity

Baylor University took a leap toward unity by selecting David Garland as interim president.

EDITORIAL: Hope resides in God, not politics

Jesus provided some words of advice that can guide Christians through another political season.

EDITORIAL: Baylor future rests in regents’ hands

No new president can direct the Baylor dissonance until the board orchestrates harmony. Bringing the Baylor family back together should be Job 1, because nothing else will matter if Baylor tears itself apart.

EDITORIAL: Can we disagree—and be nice, too?

“100% agreement not mandatory.” In fact, healthy, open, vibrant disagreement can be a blessing.

EDITORIAL: Maybe the Pew poll really is correct

Baptists have formed friendships with people from all over the world, whose faiths are different, but whose values are similar. Could that be why relationships seem to trump Christianity’s exclusive faith claims in the recent Pew Forum's Religious Landscape Survey?

EDITORIAL: Church discipline deserves emphasis

If we love people whose names fill our church rolls but who never darken our church doors and who live like hell, we will draw up the courage to “lovingly correct” them.
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