EDITORIAL: Torture, life & moral consistency

Recently, I have been disappointed to learn the demographic group in which I reside—white evangelical Protestant Christians—is the segment of the U.S. population that most enthusiastically embraces torture.

EDITORIAL: Care earns our right to share

If Texas Baptists will be friendly, and if we don’t forget our families, Texas Hope 2010 should have a huge impact on the Lone Star State.

EDITORIAL: Investment of the ‘best & brightest’

Encourage the best and brightest young people you know to invest themselves in careers that will enrich society, not merely their own bank accounts.

EDITORIAL: What’s so good about this Friday?

Soon, we will commemorate the most awkwardly and confusingly named day of the year—Good Friday. What’s so “good” about the day Jesus suffered and died on the cross?

EDITORIAL: So, what about these religion trends?

Horror novelist Stephen King doesn’t have anything on the American Religious Information Survey. Scary reading.

EDITORIAL: A proposal for healing at Baylor

The presidential search committee and the presidential search advisory committee have been named at Baylor University. Now, for the good of the “Baylor family,” they need to operate as if they were one committee.

EDITORIAL: So what if your church disappeared?

Next Sunday, ask this question: “If our church disappeared, would anybody notice?”

EDITORIAL: Time for integrity to make a stand

Is it too much to ask people to behave the same in private as they do in public?

EDITORIAL: ‘Disenthrall ourselves ... and save’

Abraham Lincoln's phrase-- “We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.”--resonates in our time.


EDITORIAL: What makes Baptists so ... Baptist?

Baptists’ predilection for dissent is our heritage. Sure, it’s disconcerting, uncomfortable and just plain cringeworthy. But it offers distinct advantages.

EDITORIAL: Divine surprise: Think outside the crib

Surprise as a metaphor for God’s response to all Earth’s heartache. God sprung a surprise on the whole world that first Christmas.

EDITORIAL: Probability can trump impossibility

Together, we’re taking on Texas Hope 2010, a campaign to (a) share the hope of Christ with all Texans in their own language and context and (b) ensure that no Texan goes to bed hungry. We intend to do this by Easter 2010.

EDITORIAL: Small, quiet, but maybe significant

The 2008 Baptist General Convention of Texas annual meeting in Fort Worth reminded me of hundreds of Texas towns—small and quiet, but significant just the same.

EDITORIAL: May Americans stand closer together

Thank God, the election is over. Now, I pray the politics of division died Nov. 4, 2008.

EDITORIAL: The new president’s memory list

Congratulations on winning the 2008 election. Although I don’t know your name as I write this letter, please keep at least three things in mind...
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