Editorial: Celebrate Easter with joyful, purposeful sacrifice

As I pondered—and longed for—Easter and attendant springtime, the Apostle Paul’s account of the last experience Jesus shared with his disciples attracted my attention.


Editorial: Honor your mother; feed the hungry

Mother’s Day—May 11 this year—is only about a month away. So, now is the time to prepare to honor our mothers by collecting funds for the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering on their day.


Editorial: Possible Baptist Building sale part of national trend

Texas Baptists aren't the only American religious group looking to sell its primary office property.


Editorial: Way forward is repentance & forgiveness

Reading the cover of the latest edition of The Christian Century felt a bit like yanking the scab off an old wound.


Editorial: The knock-kneed need not apply

The BGCT must transform itself in order to achieve a successful, effective future. But it's time to act boldly, not play it safe.


Editorial: Strength, decline & the future of the BGCT

The Baptist General Convention of Texas will continue to decline unless Texas Baptists resolve one of the great paradoxes: The source of strength often leads to downfall.


Editorial: Defining ‘influential churches’ is a complicated task

How would you identify an “influential” church? I had to answer that question recently.


Editorial: ‘Wouldn’t change a thing’ just doesn’t add up

Too bad people can’t jump into a year of late middle age—say, 57 or 63—and then go back to high school and live the rest of life in light of the knowledge they gained.


Editorial: Knowing and claiming God’s will

How specific is God’s will? How should we discern God’s will? To what degree can a person claim to know God’s will?


Editorial: What’s so beautiful about America?

The blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter and, no doubt, millions of email accounts just about melted down lately, thanks to a Coca-Cola commercial. Sadly, many Coke critics claim to be Christian. Some of them are (gasp) Baptists.


Editorial: What city is the most ‘Bible-minded’?

Texas is the buckle of the Bible Belt, right? Heaven help us; we’re more like a belt loop.


Editorial: Forget ‘secret code’; turn to clarity

Of course, the Bible contains mystery and intrigue. But it's perfectly clear on what really matters.


Editorial: Big data, free will & moral responsibility

“Will big data make free will irrelevant?” the headline asked. Of course, I was intrigued.


Editorial: Incarnation, empathy & the failure of sympathy

The Incarnation poses all kinds of questions, two of which are: Why was Jesus’ humanity important? And why did God have to/choose to take on human frailty and finitude?

Editorial: Tikker

Editorial: Who needs a Tikker when you’ve got life?

What would you do if you knew exactly how many days you had to live? How would you feel?

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