Letters: Speaking the truth in love

In the current climate where civil discourse about the things that divide us as a nation and as Christians seems hard to come by, some people react with emotionally-loaded personal attacks. The conversation quickly turns awkward and destructive. Some choose to jump on a band wagon of propaganda. Others choose to keep quiet to avoid controversy. Neither of these is the best solution. The third alternative is to speak the truth in love and humility. One excellent example of this is this week's Guest Editorial in the Baptist Standard (Guest editorial: A response to 'Why I’m Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention'). I have always had high respect for Charles Wade and still do. Thank you, Dr. Wade for an eloquent editorial. Your personal experience and extensive knowledge of this history is very valuable. This is what it means to speak the truth in love and humility. We must continue to do so.

Julio S. Guarneri
McAllen, Texas

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