Affirmation for Trump, condemnation of Obama

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Moochers, false god, lawbreakers, abomination

After reading “5 issues for followers of Jesus,” I had to send a reply to your recent editorial as it appeared in the Dallas Morning News. 

I did not ignore my Christian values or virtues when I cast my vote for Mr. Trump for POTUS. This was no election about religion. It was a rejection of establishment politics by both parties. That is why Ms. Clinton was not elected. Mr. Trump resonated with the forgotten, the deplorables and the middle class like me.

Care for the poor and weak: Mr. Trump did not call them losers. He was clearly referring to Minnie the moochers and Freddy the freeloaders among us. In my opinion, they are the losers being parasites on those who work for a living. I do remember where it says, “Those who will not work will not eat.” The church does have charge for the widows and orphans, but our governments have usurped this from the church.

Unfailing support for religious liberty: We are supposed to be worshipping and believing in the one true God. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, etc. These Muslims are an enemy and bring a false god in our midst. Israel strayed from God and took in Baal. The Christian religion is the only one that counts as we present Jesus as the only Savior.

Repudiation of racism: The past POTUS did more to set back race relations than others have. Heaven will have black, white, Hispanic, Asian and other races present. But so will hell. We are different, which is what our God created.

Affirmation of sexual equality: Jesus raised the value of women and used them in his ministry. We are equal but also different. I remember a preacher saying God didn’t take woman from the head of man to be lord over him, or from the foot of man so she’d be a footstool but from the side of man to be a partner and helper to him. We are different with different roles in life.

 Protection of the “other”: Illegal immigrants are already breaking our laws by being here illegally. I don’t understand why the progressives cannot see this. I have no problem with immigrants who want to become citizens here, but it is to be done according to our laws. Once you become an American citizen, you can remember your culture and background, but you also assimilate into our country. If you want to keep your old ways, then stay in the country where you are.

LGBT people have no rights. They are an abomination before the Lord. You will recall how he wiped them out in the flood of Noah’s day and again at Sodom and Gomorrah. This same-sex marriage and homosexual behavior is pure plain sin.

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Michael R. Spivey



No new Muslims

I have been a fan so to speak for many years.  Our theology seems to coincide on many levels, however, in your recent editorial in the Standard, I must disagree with one point in particular, and that is in the area of Trump’s probation against the inclusion of any more Muslims in our country.  

Several times in biblical history, God admonished his people to eradicate all the people of a certain ethnicity in order to not pollute his teaching and directions for his people.  And this was not only for the people, but even for all their livestock.  At least Trump has not advocated that we kill all Muslims, just do not allow any more of them to come into our country. 

I realize we are to care for the poor and needy, the widows and orphans, but he has not said that we should not provide for these, in fact just the opposite. 

I continue to look forward to your writing and directions.

Ira Sterling

Universal City


Stuck in the past

I’m sure Marv Knox means well, but he is stuck in the past and using a Bible published before 1979 instead of the “alternative version” apparently used by the 81 percent of “evangelicals” who are Trump supporters.

Consider the account of King David’s encounter with Nathan the prophet as it might appear in the new version:

Nathan, as he bows low to the king: “I understand you have acquired a new wife, who was the wife of a soldier,”

David: “Yeah, I did. Since I am the wealthiest dude in the kingdom, I have the right to take any woman I want. Plus, I said a long time ago, that everyone is for sale, and I have the money to buy them. Too bad about old Uriah, though. But you know those Hittites just aren’t as great as our Jewish soldiers. And my military members are dumb enough to give their lives for me although I pay zero taxes to support them. My supporters understand about having Bathsheba join my harem. I said once that I could shoot someone and they would still support me. But even though he wasn’t an Israeli soldier, we put him away nicely with a Purple Heart and the Silver Star. Plus, we put a red cap on his head that proclaimed, “Make Israel great again.”

And Nathan the prophet replied: “You da man”.

Seriously, how many prophets besides Nathan do you suppose knew about David being a sexual predator and murderer and conveniently rationalized, excused, condoned or ignored it?

Carl Hess

Ozark, Ala.


Wright called wrong

Dr. Dante Wright and I view Obama’s tenureview Obama’s tenure and legacy far differently. 

No scandal? Was it not scandalous that his attorney general approved a covert plan which sold arms to drug dealers, which arms were used in murder of our agent, etc. …? I will not enumerate the list of scandals.

This is no more than an African American’s celebration of a milestone in history. But the milestone is along a path of infamy.

Obama weakened America at home and abroad. Our enemies exploit our weakness abroad in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. It will take years, perhaps a generation to rebuild our military and regain our standing as the defender of liberty.

Obama despised the Constitution before his elections and ignored it during his tenure, defying the court rulings which sought to rein him in. He should have been impeached.  

I hope the Standard’s publishing of Dr. Wright’s lengthy essay does not represent an approbation or endorsement of the views expressed.  I do not speak for others. But I know my friends well enough to think aloud that they disagree with Brother Wright’s opinion.

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” 

Maurice Harding

Corpus Christi

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