Bad editorials and good missionaries

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‘Inserting political views’

In the last three or four years, the editor of our Standard has been unnecessarily inserting his political views in his writings. He seems to be cloaking them in what he considers Christian or unchristian. 

The editorials of May 10 and May 24 are examples. From the first of these two, he appears to be railing against the legislators for having passed specific laws regarding the immigration policy. 

Therefore, each of us should carefully screen the editorials he writes.

Robbie Davis

Mount Vernon


‘Helpers wherever the go’

Regarding “‘Look for the helpers’; be the helper”: Yes, indeed—like all good missionaries! They are the helpers wherever they go.

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During the civil war in Lebanon, we were able to distribute over a half-million dollars in aid to the hurting, suffering people of Lebanon through the Baptist churches. They screened the needs and requests and determined who should be helped on the basis of need, not religious affiliation.

This goes on today through relief efforts among the refugees from Syria and Iraq as they flee for their very lives to Europe and elsewhere. Thank God for the helpers and their support from our churches through the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

David King


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