Letter: Baptist leaders react to Chauvin guilty verdict

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RE: Baptist leaders react to Chauvin guilty verdict

Where are the prayers for the Chauvin family by the Baptist leaders? I’m sure his family is hurting, too.

Some reading my question and comment may accuse me of being racist and sympathetic to Chauvin, and also assume I disagree with the decision the jury made in his trial. That’s far from the truth.

First of all, I am not a racist. I am ashamed to say that in my younger years I was prejudiced. I since have realized my fault and have overcome my past views toward others.

To me, racism stems from hate, desiring to inflict physical and emotional pain on others. I never have hated individuals or certain races of people.

Prejudice stems from ignorance and with time and maturity can be overcome.

Reading the article pertaining to prayers for the George Floyd family from Baptist leaders, I had to ask myself, “Are we as Christians practicing ‘selective’ prayer?” Not once did I see one word concerning prayers for Chauvin and his family.

Even though Chauvin was found guilty of his crime, does he not merit our prayers? Don’t they think his family is hurting now and need our prayers just as much as the Floyd family?

If we don’t or refuse to lift up Chauvin and his family in our prayers, are we not participating in prejudice that he is not worth our prayers?

F.A. Taylor Jr.
Copperas Cove, Texas

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