Christian persecution; immoral behavior

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It’s not every day that I read a purportedly Christian publication supporting the persecution of Christians or a Baptist publication suggesting that it’s OK to participate in sin to make sinners feel more comfortable.  When both concepts appear in the same editorial—well that’s a rare day, indeed.

Whether you believe the Bible when it comes to things like homosexuality is between you and your maker. But when you suggest the persecution of Christians is acceptable to expunge the “middle class privileges” from us, then I take it rather personally. Forcing a Christian to participate in a gay wedding or lose his business is akin to forcing a Kosher or Halal deli to sell bacon, or to force a Hindu bladesmith to make meat cleavers for the local butcher, or, for that matter, to force a gay photographer to take pictures for the church directory for Westboro Baptist Church.

It makes the anti-Christian bigots like Gov. Nathan Deal—and apparently the Baptist Standard—happy, but what good does it do for society?

Finally, while the story of the woman at the well ends without telling us how it ended, something tells me that Jesus told her something along the lines of “go and sin no more” rather than encouraging her to continue in her adulterous relationship, just so she wouldn’t feel “excluded.”

Don’t encourage the persecution of Christians.

Timothy S. Comer

Flower Mound


Just because a majority of people hold the view that a behavior is immoral,  and the behavior is in fact immoral, does not make the majority bullies, nor does it make those that practice that behavior “underdogs.” 

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I don’t think Jesus taught us to acquiesce to immoral behavior or do things that reinforce  that behavior. People in our world are desperately looking for those that will unflinchingly stand for what is right and not compromise.

For everyone that might be turned away from us because of our convections, hundreds more will be drawn to it. I can only see a positive effect on evangelism by sticking to our conviction on immoral behavior.

Philip Harris


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