Letter: Christianity Today says Trump should be removed from office

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RE: Christianity Today says Trump should be removed from office

For 47 years as a pastor, I have avoided making political statements in the pulpit. I have never endorsed a candidate from the pulpit. I also have avoided political commentary that would reflect badly on an officeholder. I have spoken to issues I regarded as significant to the message of the church.

The reporting on the editorial in Christianity Today was, in my view, inappropriate. I know it is news, but the characterizations it contained of those of us who have voted for Trump are inaccurate and offensive.

I intend to vote for Trump again barring some vision from heaven to do otherwise. Many of my young adults actually are planning to vote Republican for the first time in their lives because of the “off the rails” comments by the Democratic candidates.

I truly would love to have someone else to vote for who had values more like my own. I would love to vote for a man with true humility and kindness. Sadly, no one like that exists on either side of the aisle. So how shall I vote?

I will vote, as always, for the candidate who stands for a strong judiciary, who holds to a strict constructionist view of the Constitution. I will vote my values for the candidate who seems to uphold them politically, if not personally. I will vote for the candidate who respects the law and those who enforce the law.

I do not write in anger. I appreciate you. I know you needed to report the article from Christianity Today, but you need to hear also from the thousands of Texas Baptists who see the impeachment as a political ploy and intend to vote for Trump in the next election.

Dan Wooldridge
Crestview Baptist Church
Georgetown, Texas

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