Letters: Editorial: The Supreme Court’s batting a thousand. How about us?

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RE: Editorial: The Supreme Court’s batting a thousand. How about us?

While I agree with your underlying position in the subject article, I would also remind readers we’re called to “put on the full armor of God and to stand firm” (Ephesians 6:11). This means we can’t just pass over decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court or our political leaders or groups or individuals who maintain views opposing Christian mores.

We have to stand firm on our fundamental doctrines and beliefs, for example: the sanctity of human life versus abortion on demand; marriage only being between a man and a woman.

Scripture and the historical church are clear on these example issues; therefore, we must be ready to stand firm and battle in love those who oppose them. After all, that is at the heart of Christian apologetics.

Johnny Brisby
McGregor, Texas

In my focus on the spirit in which Christians respond to court decisions, I appreciate your reminder that Christians should be engaged in the political process, especially in a country built on the freedom to engage.


I do agree with the content of your article. It took me a minute to find the point of the title. I get it but wonder if it was intended to cause the reaction I think most people will have.

At first glance, no one thinks the court is “batting a thousand,” and I understand that is the point you are trying to make.

Is the goal of the title of an article to inform people about the article or to incite them to click out of a negative reaction?

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Randy Bradley, pastor
First Baptist Church
Mullin, Texas

I appreciate feedback on our publication. I do not intend to publish what is commonly referred to as “clickbait,” yet sometimes I miss the mark. As you indicate, an article title should inform, not incite.

We seek to inform, inspire and challenge you to live like Jesus. Click to learn more about Following Jesus.

If we achieved our goal—or didn’t—we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to Eric Black, our editor. Maximum length for publication is 250 words.

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