Letters: Editorial: What does a prophet look like?

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RE: Editorial: What does a prophet look like?

I feel compelled to reply to your editorial. I first saw the article about Greta Thunberg on the Fox News webpage. First, the “requirement” of a true prophet of God is they are followers of God. Nowhere in the editorial or Fox does she confess being a Christian.

The Bible makes it plain how to tell a true prophet. She hasn’t met that as of yet. Jean Dixon was hailed as a great prophet, but she wasn’t 100 percent.

Lastly, what Jesus, John the Baptist, Amos and Isaiah had in common is their prophecies made sense. Personally, I believe Thunberg—a child—is being “used” by the left to make their case.

F.A. Taylor
Copperas Cove, Texas


What a confusing piece of writing. Do you believe that a prophet should be biblically, scripturally aligned? Are you considering Greta Thunberg as a believer and prophet from God or a young autistic girl who has been indoctrinated with scare tactics about our planet and environment?

I hope your point was just lost in your caring for the way she became a sound bite. I, too, am sensitive to the way she has been shoved into the media hurricane that used to be good journalism but now has become trash. I pray she will not be destroyed by this.

Helen Wallace
Longview, Texas


I found your editorial on Greta Thunberg interesting. There is one concept I think you did not address that is critical. The reason I accept Hosea, Isaiah or John the Baptist as prophets is because the Bible tells me they are prophets. Others in history that were called prophets, the oracle at Delphi for one, I never would consider actually to be a prophet.

It is the authority of God’s word that determines who is a prophet.

After looking into Greta, her parents and the general situation, I think Greta is much more a puppet than a prophet, but that deserves pity rather than persecution. The harsh words said about her need to be directed at her parents and others who appear to be using her for personal and political reasons.

Randy Bradley
Mullin First Baptist Church
Mullin, Texas


To answer the concern that Eric Black or the Baptist Standard are advocating that Greta Thunberg should be considered on par with Isaiah, Amos, John the Baptist, or Jesus, we are not.

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