Letters: Is football good?

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RE: Is football good?

Pastor Zac Harrel has an excellent discussion about football, focusing on the injuries many players are suffering while engaged in the game. I read that high school football players in America sustain 60,000 concussions each year.

The article could have been titled “Is football god”?

Here in Alabama, a football coach is being paid $ 9-plus million a year. To put this in perspective, the church I attend has an annual budget of almost $1 million, and morning attendance is around 400. If we and nine more churches the same size disbanded and pooled the offerings, we would almost have enough to hire a football coach.

Does the game teach boys to be men? The little school from which I graduated in Woden, Texas, didn’t have a football program as we barely had enough boys to fill a basketball team. I am thankful for that.

In 1986, my wife and I visited the office of U.S. Rep. Richard Shelby in Washington, D.C. as Shelby was running for the Senate. In answer to my question about his military service, he pulled up his pants leg and showed me the “football scar” that kept him from the draft. On the other hand, I served 27 years, with two years in combat, without the “benefit” of football.

Discussing football is sort of like discussing whether Donald Trump should be president. Everyone knows he isn’t qualified in any way, but those who really care are afraid to speak out because members of his cult will be all over them.

If you are spending more money on football than you are giving to your church or other valid charity, football is your god.

Carl Hess
Ozark, Ala.

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