Letters: Heaven’s wall, a border wall, and our call

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The Jan. 16 editorial referencing Robert Jeffress and the border wall generated some discussion on Facebook. While many Baptist Standard readers may agree with some statements in that editorial, there also are readers who do not. In the interest of balance, we welcome letters to the editor that express views in contrast to our published editorials. To submit a letter, email Editor Eric Black.


RE: Heaven’s wall, a border wall, and our call

When will Donald Trump’s shutdown of the government end? When two airplanes collide and hundreds of people are killed because an air traffic controller is “moonlighting,” trying to feed her kids and trying to avoid eviction from her home.

As one who has flown military aircraft in combat and peacetime for 42 years, I can’t even estimate how many times an air traffic controller has saved the lives of my crew and passengers.

Does anyone with the intelligence and reasoning power at least equal to that of a teenager seriously believe Trump has shut down the government because of his concern for security?

Many of those who are being hurt the worst—air traffic controllers, Coast Guard, TSA screeners, Secret Service and others—are responsible for our national security.

Trump’s main concern is to provide a distraction from Robert Mueller’s investigation and to appease the bigots in his “base.”

When those hundreds of people die in the crash of the airplanes, it won’t be just Trump with their blood on his hands. It will also be members of Congress who have tried to justify, excuse and rationalize Trump’s behavior. It will also be on the hands of “evangelicals” such as Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Franklin Graham who have credited God with putting Trump in office.

Carl Hess
Ozark, Ala.

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