Letter: Commentary: Voting my conscience in this election may mean staying home

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RE: Commentary: Voting my conscience in this election may mean staying home

I remember the additions Peggy Wehmeyer made to the Evening News with Peter Jennings. Her contributions were always top shelf, informative and inspiring.

Her article, “Commentary: Voting my conscience in this election may mean staying at home,” was troubling for several reasons.

I understand the tug of war with our values and our faith, but sitting out one of the most decisive elections this nation has faced is not the answer.

Living in a broken world means not everything is pure, noble, true or right. However, we don’t leave the game. We don’t turn our back on a privilege that continues to be earned on the battlefields of this world.

We get to vote; we get to have a say in who leads us.

Will our candidate always line up with our values? No.

Will he or she always have “biblical values?” No.

To support a candidate means at some point we must take a step back and refocus our understanding.

No one person, not even the president, should or can legally move our government beyond the U.S. Constitution or the rule of law.

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Always, we trust God, but we also must trust our Congress and judiciary, as flawed as they are. Their membership is to keep us within the boundaries of a humane society based on equality for all and cooperation with the rest of the world who share our values.

We have not achieved all of that perfectly, but we must continue to strive to move these values forward.

Michael R Chancellor
Round Rock, Texas

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