Letter: Discover the facts about the Glorieta sale

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Glorieta facts should be revealed

The specific facts of the Glorieta case have not yet come out for court examination, due to procedural problems with the case.

Like many things that happen in church and the denomination, we can ignore/accept what was done without question; or we can look at it and ask if it was indeed truly and legally fair—and not unconscionable.

I think Kirk Tompkins wants a court to look at the facts of the complete situation, and then everyone will be at peace with that attempt to get justice.

It is sad, but yet a fact, that homeowners who got anything for their homes are silenced by legal agreements and cannot speak. I have never been comfortable with agreements like that among Christian brothers and sisters, but that is the reality now.

My sincere hope is that Baptists will get to the bottom of what happened at Glorieta and why it happened—the promises made and the trust involved with homeowners and LifeWay.  

This should never happen again. We must learn from it and learn to be far more transparent and trustworthy in our dealings with one another. Arrogance and ensnaring one another legally should be put far, far away from us—especially considering elderly and retired ministers and missionaries were victims.

Lastly, I do think this matter should have been handled peacefully by Baptists and not by courts.

R.A. King

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