Letter: Voices: Abortion: Will we resolve the age-old debate?


RE: Voices: Abortion: Will we resolve the age-old debate?

I disagree strongly with a recent Voices article about abortion. My aim is not the person who wrote the opinion article, but is the faulty reasoning of the argument posed.

It is a lie to claim that one is pro-life and also say one wishes the government would stay out of it. That is equivalent to a German in the Holocaust saying: “Personally, I am against killing Jews, but I think the government should stay silent about doing it, because antisemitism has been controversial since ancient days. The government should move on to more important matters like the economy.”

It also would be like Americans in days of slavery or later under Jim Crow saying they are against lynchings, but they believe the government should stay out of it and leave that up to slave owners or the KKK.

When you believe abortion is really murder and insist on legislation against it to save human lives, you are pro-life. Being pro-life may certainly include more, but it never includes less.

Kevin Mitchell
Pecos, Texas

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