Letters: All the world’s children at our doorstep?

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This entire situation does not pass the “smell test.” How did so many children travel so far, all in such a short period of time?

Of course, we can’t kick them out to starve, but the previous question needs to be answered, or soon we will have all the world’s children to care for.  

Fred Rosenbaum


Let the people decide

We could use the extra money to secure the border and after border secured reduce property taxes.

We are killing jobs with politics, just like President Obama.

We need less government on special-interest and more of what the people want.

If the governor wants to act like President Obama and dictate instead of govern, he needs to leave America. I want a democracy. If wasn’t afraid it would pass, he would put it on the ballot and let the people decide like a real free democracy.

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John Boegner


Not ‘lepers,’ but ‘persons affected by leprosy’

Thank you for your article on thankfulness. I agree that we need to teach our children to be grateful and thank for what they receive.

I should mention one thing to you.  You have used the word “leper” in your article.  If you want to give respect and dignity to the leprosy-affected people please do not call them the name of the disease.  Now, the disease is 100 percent curable with modern drugs. They are freely given in hospitals.

The word “leper” is not used nowadays.  Instead “persons affected by leprosy” should be used. 

P.K. Gopal

Erode, India


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