Letters: Another contradiction in seminary decision

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Regarding the article in the Standard, “Southwestern enrolls Muslim student”, the other apparent contradiction is the overemphasis that has been made on the seminary’s mission in preparing pastors for preaching to this practice of evangelism-by-theological-school-training. Which is it? I believe Southern Baptist churches give to the seminary so that it can train ministers for their churches and the mission field. You can’t be both a denominational seminary and a diverse theological school at the same time!

I love Muslims, and I believe all Christians should because Jesus does. Churches and seminaries should teach people how to love and share the gospel with them. Sharing the gospel in genuine love does not require you to make Muslims deacons or pastoral staff at your church. Neither does it mean that a denominational seminary should accept them as ministerial students.

Julio Guarneri


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary admits students from other Christian denominations who want to learn about Southern Baptists and our understanding of scripture. Why should not a Muslim student be admitted who wants to learn about our work in archaeology and how it enlightens the Bible? The student will learn from Christians who, hopefully, would exhibit the spirit of Jesus. And some of the students at Southwestern Seminary may learn something about our Muslim neighbors and how to share our witness with them! The student might also learn about Israel, since much of our archaeological work is found there. Certainly that would be a worthwhile outcome. The student should pay full tuition as other non-Baptists do. Let’s open our hearts and our doors to those who disagree with us but want to learn and share with us.

David King


Marv, thank you for the deadly accurate summation of Paige Patterson’s actions in the long “civil war.” Your comments on the slide from conservative to fundamentalist needed to be said.  After all the accusations, finger-pointing and loss of sincere Baptists who were driven out by the campaigns to discredit them, can we say that the Southern Baptist Convention has been strengthened in carrying out God’s work?  I think not.

Paul Smith

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Wichita, KS 

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s president’s unilateral (?) decision to admit a Muslim sounds an awful lot like Obama’s unilateral proclamations. I thought Southern Baptists, especially fundamentalists, were above that. I guess the similarity has been there all along. A sad day for Southwestern Seminary.

Temple Lauer

Greenwood, IN

Seek the greater good at Baylor

This is a wonderful time in the history of Baylor University. I am praying that petty differences will not keep our light from shining bright.

Control of money and power are the primary issues between the Baylor Alumni Association and Baylor University. Personalities should be put aside for the sake of the greater good.

It may be time to let it go! What is more important: To be right or to damage a beautiful institution?

Kaye Patterson


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