Letters: Baylor & Sunday football

The Golden Wave Marching Band performs during halftime at the Baylor-SMU game at McLane Stadium on August 31, 2014.
Kevin Freeman | Lariat Photographer

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Baylor & Sunday football

Well, Baylor University has joined the world of pay-for-play sports. Their Sunday night football game against SMU must have added a pretty penny to the already big coffers of BU athletics.

When I was at Baylor, games were only on Saturdays, no matter how far the team had to travel in the Southwest Conference. Sundays were for rest, church and watching the Dallas Cowboys on TV.

Slowly but surely, Baylor has been heading in the direction of Sunday games in basketball and now football.

Presidents W.R. White and Abner McCall must be really turning over in their graves now as they watch their beloved Baylor become more and more secular.

“In the world, not of the world.”

Bob Gillchrest

San Diego, Calif.

God is OK with Sunday football

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I understand the issue of opposing Sunday football at Baylor,  but no one said a word when Baylor played SMU two years ago—in Waco—on a Sunday. Were we just not high profile enough then for anyone to care?

What’s wrong with going to church, grilling with the family for lunch, and heading to the game on Sunday night on a holiday weekend?  “Six days you shall labor and do all your work, …”

Football is a fun game played by college kids that we all enjoy. Somehow, I don’t see why God would have a problem with that.

And if you think coaches aren’t working on Sunday when there isn’t a game anyway you are kidding yourself.

Caleb Marsh


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