Letters: Beth Moore: Southern Baptist no more

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RE: Beth Moore: Southern Baptist no more


Beth Moore’s departure from the Southern Baptist Convention will not hurt her in the least. A lot of us stand with her.

I am curious about something, though. Why have we heard so much about “cancel culture” in relation to Amazon’s taking a book off of its website, but no one uses that term when Beth Moore’s Bible studies and ticket sales made a significant plunge based on her calling out Donald Trump on his decades-long public sinful behavior against women, the disabled and minorities.

Cancel culture isn’t new. It’s really just the “in” term for boycott.

Additionally, Southern Baptists hold to the belief that women shouldn’t be lead pastors. The belief that speaking behind a pulpit is sinful seems to me to be placing the pulpit as the object of worship.

Mary Manning
Aurora, Colo.


I’m not writing to defend Donald Trump or to sound critical of Beth Moore, but I am getting tired of Christians with “double standards.”

I believe I wrote to the Baptist Standard in defense of Ms. Moore speaking “behind the pulpit” in a Baptist church. There’s a difference between speaking in a church and pastoring a church.

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I admit Ms. Moore has done great and noble things in serving the Lord, but what does Donald Trump have to do with no longer identifying with Southern Baptist?

Mr. Trump is far from perfect, but Ms. Moore had rather support and vote for Joe Biden—who has touched women and children inappropriately, for which there is video proof—and support the murdering of unborn children. Mr. Trump probably has done more for the “church” and protecting unborn children than any other modern-day president.

If we are to be judged on our past, we need to remove the Psalms and 1 and 2 Samuel, because King David was guilty of adultery and murder.

People, especially Christians, need to realize hate will affect your health and even kill you.

F.A. Taylor
Copperas Cove, Texas

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