Letters: Celibacy a personal decision

(RNS1-JULY 31) Julie Rodgers is a celibate, gay Christian blogger. For use with RNS-CELIBATE-GAY transmitted July 31, 2014. Photo courtesy Julie Rodgers

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I am one of thousands of Exodus casualties. I, too, was a “success” story of ex-gay ministries in the early 1990s. I traveled the country, speaking out on “freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ,” until my wife divorced me, and I ended up rethinking everything I believed.

I don’t have a problem with anyone choosing to be celibate. If they can truly manage it (Paul said it is not for everyone, 1 Corinthians 7), more power to them.

But sexuality is not just about physical pleasure. It’s about human connection and intimacy. Desire for intimacy and sexual expression in gay people is exactly like heterosexuals.

How would heterosexuals feel about being told celibacy is their only option? They could never marry, never have families and never experience the love, joy and intimacy of being with the loves of their lives? How would they feel about breaking up their families because they were told they were “living in sin”?

Again, celibacy is certainly an option, and I’m not opposed to celibacy. It’s a personal choice. My question is about condemning people who aren’t called to celibacy.

Is there grace for them?

Tim Rymel

Sacramento, Calif.

Overcome Islamic State immediately

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We desperately need to intercept and push back the Islamic State criminals now. If we fail, they will be on our doorstep in the near future. I’m glad Pres. Obama has decided to do just that. We wish him and our military every success. In my opinion this is the most active threat against freedom of choice in the world today.

David King


Editor’s Note: King is a former 30-year International Mission Board North Africa-Middle East missionary, based in Beirut.

Female ‘authority’ reason for leaving BGCT

I can no longer support in any way the Baptist General Convention of Texas and will give what little I can to the Southern Baptists of Texas. Reason: Another woman president of the BGCT.

Christians need to read and study 1 Timothy 2:11-14!!!!

I also will not renew my subscription to Common Call/Baptist Standard.

I know you and everyone else will condemn me for my beliefs but let’s face it. They are scriptural. Only by twisting Scripture can you approve of women having authority over men.

Mick Tahaney

Port Arthur

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