Letters: Death-row inmates ‘A blessing to me’

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I am a Southern Baptist and a “missionary kid” from Mexico. My parents served there 36 years as missionaries. I had no idea Baptists supported the death penalty and was shocked when I found that out upon moving to the United States.

I totally agree with Pastor Jeff Hood’s view of the death penalty as a Christian.

I am ministering to seven death-row inmates at Polunsky Unit. There were nine, but two have gone to be with the Lord through execution. It is a ministry God put on my heart when I moved to the United States seven years ago.

I can tell you that seeing the spiritual growth, changes, peace and joy in these men is the greatest joy in my life. They are a blessing to me.

I want to commend Jeff Hood for being so brave and standing for what a true follower of Jesus Christ is.

Dorothy Lee Ruelas


‘A beautiful and special place’

Glorieta—I have fond memories of that wonderful and beautiful place. I spent a week there a few years ago, and find it a shame it will no longer be a place where people can go to spend time with the Lord our God.

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Thank you for telling us of the demise of a beautiful and special place.

John Quigley


Loss of Glorieta: ‘We stopped going there’

Not by any stretch of the imagination can I be considered a fan of LifeWay Christian Resources. I consider many of the decisions and consequent actions made by LifeWay in recent years to be unethical, unfeeling, un-Christian and sometimes downright immoral.

But the decision to abandon Glorieta is not among those decisions. What Mark Owen failed to acknowledge in “Obituary for Glorieta” is the fact Glorieta is gone because we abandoned this beloved assembly ground that blessed and nourished me each summer for 35 years.

The reason we lost Glorieta is that we stopped going there. The steady, relentless decline in attendance meant less and less money to operate the assembly.

I grieve the loss of Glorieta as strongly as anyone else, but I am willing, in spite of my feelings about LifeWay Christian Resources, to be honest and fair in placing blame. This loss is not something we can use as another excuse to beat up on LifeWay again.

This time, it’s our own fault, because year after year, more and more of us chose to stay away.

Bill Latham

Nashville, Tenn.

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