Letters: Demonstrate welcome for all people

A Purdue sociology professor explores racial and ethnic relations in his book "Diversity and Unity." Martin Patchen says many factors lead to prejudice, segregation and discrimination. Among them: intergroup contacts, economic competition and population shifts. (Purdue News Service photo illustration by Vince Walter) Color photo, electronic transmission, and Web and ftp download available. Photo ID: Patchen.diversity

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I remember your passion for multiculturalism/diversity from previous articles. Your Aug. 7 editorial demands a response. 

I quote: “… ‘the bulk of new BGCT church starts has continued to be largely non-Anglo congregations,’ he (Clay Price) added. From 2010 through 2014, the BGCT and its affiliated churches started 489 congregations, of which 89 percent are non-Anglo.”  

I think your statement, “we are headed in the right direction” is partially misinformed. My point is this: We must challenge  our best minds and resources toward improving the diversity within existing churches as well as encouraging a racial/ethnic mix in all new church starts so they  reflect the Texas population.  

You have written about a tremendous challenge all of us face in Christendom and Baptist life. Our purpose should always be achieving the New Testament model. Today, I believe this requires us to show our communities we are open and welcoming to all people—of every nation, race or tongue.    

Jim Lanning 

San Marcos

Bothered by Christian support for capital punishment

The highest court in the state of Connecticut did the right thing by declaring executions to be unconstitutional

It really bothers me that so many people who call themselves Christian support the death penalty. Jesus was against torture and executions. 

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Christians are supposed to support the Ten Commandments. One of the commandments says, “Thou shall not kill.” There is no asterisk, or fine print, after this commandment. 

What other commandments do these Christians oppose?

Chuck Mann

Greensboro, N.C.

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