Letters: Sutherland Springs and gun control

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RE: Churches look to tighten security after Sutherland Springs shooting

In my view of the mass shooting at FBC Sutherland Springs, the state officials and federal officials appear to simply shrug the collective shoulders and mumble about “bump stocks” and the Air Force’s inability to place the killer on a database to keep one from an automatic weapon.

In all truthfulness, the RNC is doing the same thing with the same results and calling it sanity. I am a member of the RNC, I do own guns in my home, however, if the criminal background checks became a local matter as opposed to a federal review then perhaps there would be less gun violence.

Last year I had let my driver’s license lapse. So, at 7:45 a.m., I was in line with other inept folks to reapply for their driver’s license. I had to bring a SS# card and 3 other forms of identification to attain my updated driver’s license. The kind young woman at the desk looked over my information, checked both the federal and local information for outstanding warrants or tickets or being late for any court-ordered payments and took my photo and away I went.

My suggestion is that gun ownership is a privilege and purchasing a weapon must be handled as with any responsible need or purchase. Being arrested and given a dishonorable discharge does not allow one to own a weapon. But, neither should not paying child support, not paying outstanding traffic tickets, not being out on bail for domestic violence or for any other matter related to not paying your bills or breaking the law.

There are roughly 300 million guns in the US, and I believe, like most responsible gun owners, there are far too many rotten apples hoping for a chance to shoot up the place with everyone in it. There has to be a better standard for gun ownership. You need to earn it.

Prentiss Yeates
Lubbock, Texas

In recent days, we have seen the continuing saga of musical chairs in Trump’s White House, the horrific shooting in a Baptist church by a white domestic terrorist and the recycling of “trickle down” economics aka “voodoo economics,” “tax reform” and “middle class tax relief.” These proposals would provide massive increases in welfare for the richest Americans at the expense of poor people as well as increase the debt by 1.7 trillion dollars.

What does God think about trickle down? The answer can be found in Luke 16:19–31, Jesus’ parable about the rich man and the beggar. Notice that Jesus didn’t accuse the rich man of politically correct “hot button sins” such as tolerating people born LGBT, supporting Planned Parenthood, or even being disloyal to the merchants of death in the gun lobby by proposing sensible gun laws. Instead, the rich man’s final destination was hell because he was greedy, selfish, and had no compassion.

I don’t claim to be an expert at interpreting the Bible, just a simple retired army pilot. But, I would guess that God would hold accountable, not only those political figures promoting trickle down, but also those false prophets who are misleading their people into supporting said political figures.

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Carl L. Hess
Ozark, Ala

RE: 2nd Opinion: Gun massacres: Why aren’t more churches telling the truth?

In response to this rhetorical question, the well-informed reader can’t help but ask, why aren’t editors of the Baptist Standard careful to assure that articles they present that purport to deal with truth be required to include all the relevant truth?

First unmentioned relevant truth: Almost everyone, with the apparent exception of Jacob Lupfer of the Religion News Service, now knows that there were procedures and regulations in place that should have prevented the perpetrator from obtaining the weapons he used.

How can this incident logically be used to argue for more regulation? This was permitted by a failure of government to follow procedures and regulations already in place. Why is Lupfer flogging fellow Christians and ignoring the failure of government? One can only speculate what bias may have led him to miss the obvious conclusion from this tragedy.

Second unmentioned relevant truth: Almost all the press coverage, with the notable exception of the Baptist Standard, has generously praised the National Rifle Association member whose preparedness and bravery is acknowledged to have kept the carnage from being much worse. Why ignore this important fact?

Perhaps, Dear Editor, you would care to explain.

Ide Trotter
Dallas, Texas

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